LeBron James Stephen Curry
The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers have the best odds to reach the 2017 NBA Finals. Stephen Curry celebrates in front of LeBron James during the second quarter at Oracle Arena in Oakland California on Jan. 16, 2017. Reuters/Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The first weekend of the 2017 NBA Playoffs indicated that there’s a chance for a few upsets in the first round. Two top three seeds suffered losses, and the defending champions were almost defeated in their postseason opener.

However, favorites are usually victorious over the course of a seven-game series. The 2016 postseason featured just one first-round upset, and the latest betting odds suggest that the usual suspects will advance this year.

Here are predictions and odds for the 2017 NBA Playoffs. Betting odds are courtesy of Bovada.lv.

Golden State Warriors: Conference Odds (-300), NBA Finals Odds (-200)

When the Warriors are at their best, they are nearly impossible to beat. Golden State ranks first in offense and second in defensive efficiency. They are the only team with two unquestionable top-10 players on their roster, and they might start four of the league’s 20 best players. Maybe the Warriors will go into a shooting slump that forces them to struggle in the Western Conference or NBA Finals, but with a healthy Kevin Durant, they are on their way to a second title in three years.

Playoff Prediction: NBA Champions

Cleveland Cavaliers: Conference Odds (-275), NBA Finals Odds (+375)

Even after nearly blowing Game 1 of the first round, not much has changed for the Cavs’ postseason outlook. They shouldn't need more than five games to get to the conference semifinals, and they are easily the best team in the East. Their defense might not be good enough to defend last year’s championship, but they have a chance with the NBA’s best player on their roster. LeBron James continues to put up incredible numbers, and there are no signs that he can’t be the same player that engineered last year’s historic comeback in the finals.

Playoff Prediction: NBA Finals

San Antonio Spurs: Conference Odds (+350), NBA Finals Odds (+650)

The Warriors are the NBA’s best team, but there also seems to be a clear separation between the Spurs and the rest of the Western Conference. San Antonio has all the ingredients to win a title—the league’s best coach, the league’s best defense, championship experience and arguably a top-three player. With Kawhi Leonard becoming one of the NBA’s elite superstars, it’s hard to believe the Warriors-Spurs matchup that was expected to happen in 2016 won’t happen in 2017.

Playoff Prediction: Conference Finals

Houston Rockets: Conference Odds (+900), NBA Finals Odds (+1800)

If the Rockets were to somehow win the 2017 NBA Finals, it might have to rank as the greatest championship run in league history. Facing off with the likely MVP and just the second player in history to average a triple-double for a season in the first round is only the beginning. If seeds hold, Houston’s path to a title would include series against the greatest NBA franchise of the last two decades, the team in the midst of the best three-year stretch in NBA history, as well as the second-best player of all-time. James Harden should get Houston to the second round, but his supporting cast probably isn’t good enough to go much further.

Playoff Prediction: Conference Semifinals

Boston Celtics: Conference Odds (+600), NBA Finals Odds (+3300)

Boston is a very good, well-rounded team, and they should make it through the first two rounds of the postseason. But their Game 1 loss is just more evidence that they aren’t a legitimate title contender. Isaiah Thomas is one of the NBA’s best scorers, but he’s not an elite player because he’s such a liability on defense. Whether they were unwilling to trade draft picks or other teams were asking for too much, the Celtics might regret not making a splash at the trade deadline.

Playoff Prediction: Conference Finals

Toronto Raptors: Conference Odds (+900), NBA Finals Odds (+4000)

Toronto has the third-best odds in the East because of their consistency over the last few years and their talented backcourt. But even with two of the league's best guards, the Raptors are susceptible to a first-round upset. Milwaukee’s Game 1 victory was no fluke, and they’ve played extremely well of late. The Raptors have failed to make it beyond the first round twice in the last three years, and they might simply be playing the wrong team at the wrong time.

Playoff Prediction: First Round

Los Angeles Clippers: Conference Odds (+2200), NBA Finals Odds (+4000)

On paper, the Clippers seem like a real title contender. Chris Paul is still a top-10 player when healthy, and Blake Griffin is almost as valuable. L.A. is 32-8 when the two players are in the lineup, and they won as many regular-season games as the Cavaliers, despite their injuries. But they’ve got a tough first-round matchup with the Jazz, and they won’t win a second-round series with Golden State, who has defeated Los Angeles 10 straight times.

Playoff Prediction: Conference Semifinals

Washington Wizards: Conference Odds (+900), NBA Finals Odds (+4000)

The Wizards have a real chance to make it to the conference finals. They might not have much trouble with the Hawks in the first round, and they’ll avoid a second-round matchup with the Cavs. Washington’s core has made it to the conference semifinals twice, and John Wall is playing the best basketball of his career. The Wizards wouldn’t be favored against the Celtics in conference semifinals, though it certainly wouldn’t be shocking to see them pull off the upset.

Playoff Prediction: Conference Semifinals

Utah Jazz: Conference Odds (+2500), NBA Finals Odds (+5000)

With an elite defense and a couple of All-Star caliber players, the Jazz are good enough to make some noise in the playoffs. Unfortunately for them, they aren’t in a position to make much of a run. A knee injury might sideline Rudy Gobert for the entirety of Utah’s first-round series, and he’s arguably the team’s most important player. Their best case scenario is a second-round loss to Golden State, and teams with little playoff experience usually don’t have much postseason success.

Playoff Prediction: First Round

Chicago Bulls: Conference Odds (+2500), NBA Finals Odds (+6600)

Because of their Game 1 victory and their postseason experience, the Bulls are not your typical No.8 seed. Both Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo have won championships, and Jimmy Butler is a top-10 player with 33 games of postseason experience. Chicago won’t be an easy out, but their lack of shooting and aging backcourt will make it difficult for them to find much playoff success in 2017.

Playoff Prediction: First-Round

Milwaukee Bucks: Conference Odds (+2500), NBA Finals Odds (+10000)

The Bucks probably have the best chance of any team to pull off an upset in the first round. They are one of the NBA’s hottest teams with 22 wins in 32 games, and they’ve got a young core that is getting better every day. Giannis Antetokounmpo gives Milwaukee the best player in every Eastern Conference playoff game in which the Bucks aren’t playing the Cavs, giving them a real chance to go deep into the postseason.

Playoff Prediction: Conference Semifinals

Oklahoma City Thunder: Conference Odds (+7500), NBA Finals Odds (+20000)

It might quickly become even more apparent in the Thunder’s first-round series just how much of a burden Russell Westbrook carried throughout the regular season. He was able to beat the league’s mediocre teams without much help, but he can’t beat elite competition by himself on a nightly basis.

Playoff Prediction: First Round

Memphis Grizzlies: Conference Odds (+12500), NBA Finals Odds (+25000)

In the midst of their seventh straight playoff appearance, the time when Memphis was a real threat in the West has passed. Zach Randolph is no longer one of the league’s top big men, and the absence of Tony Allen has really hurt the Grizzlies on defense. After being swept by the Spurs in last year’s first round, Memphis is likely headed for the same result.

Playoff Prediction: First Round

Indiana Pacers: Conference Odds (+5000), NBA Finals Odds (+25000)

Maybe the Pacers could make it to the second round if they had a different first round opponent. They won’t get by the Cavs and LeBron James, who hasn’t lost a first-round game since 2012. Paul George can only do so much, though Cleveland’s defense has been so bad that Indiana could steal a game.

Playoff Prediction: First Round

Atlanta Hawks: Conference Odds (+5000), NBA Finals Odds (+25000)

As good as they are on defense, Atlanta doesn’t score nearly enough points to do any damage in the playoffs. They rank 27th in offensive efficiency, and no other playoff team ranks worse than 20th. The Hawks need Dwight Howard to turn back the clock in order to have playoff success, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

Playoff Prediction: First Round

Portland Trail Blazers: Conference Odds (+20000), NBA Finals Odds (+50000)

Tied for the worst record of any playoff team and facing the NBA’s best team in the first round, Portland is the postseason’s least likely champion. Even in Game 1 when the Blazers' top two players combined for 75 points on 54 shots, they still lost by double-digits.

Playoff Prediction: First Round