Kevin Durant and the New York Knicks may have come to an agreement after a reported closed-door meeting. The Knicks have been aggressive in the past few days and are making progress in their pursuit of landing the NBA superstar.

According to ClutchPoints, the Knicks are opting for the Durant-Kyrie Irving team-up and are very open about it. There are still two months left before the season ends, but a lot of speculations already point to Durant sealing the deal with the New York Knicks.

Rumor claims that Durant has actually already had a closed-door meeting with the Knicks secretly, and although not yet publicized, a handshake deal was already done as well.

A few days ago, Colin Cowherd revealed that he spoke to an NBA veteran whom he described as a highly reliable source and very connected. The insider reportedly confirmed that Durant is 100 percent sure to move in with the Knicks this summer.

Newsday's Steve Popper, who has spent three decades covering the Knicks, said that executives who were present in the NBA draft combine had nothing but Durant signing with the Knicks all over their mouths.

Popper even stated that a front office executive revealed Durant has been unhappy with Steve Kerr lately and the idea that no matter how hard he works, he will never get to take the center stage from Stephen Curry.

In addition to this, there was apparently also a rising amount of whispers saying that Durant’s endorsement deals with the Knicks were also worked out. Some rumors also claimed that Durant has been talking or calling other players to recruit them for the Knicks.

With a player as talented as Durant being a free agent closely coming into reality, it is no wonder teams will make room for him at all costs. The Knicks, on the other hand, are very eager to stack their roster. And with the leverage they have this summer, it is expected that they will land big names in the coming months.

The Knicks are now sitting steady at the no. 3 spot in the upcoming 2019 NBA Draft Pick. Zion Williamson, Ja Morant and R.J. Barrett are some of the top rookie prospects, and one of them can land in the hands of the Knicks. But multiple deals are expected to happen as the team has steadily set their eyes for Durant as well.