• James remains supportive of Kuzma despite trade talk
  • James and Kuzma have moved on from the controversial tweet of the latter's trainer
  • Kuzma could still be traded for the right assets by the Lakers

Kyle Kuzma may not be paying much attention to trade chatter and prefers to focus on helping the Los Angeles Lakers. With a 30-7 win-loss record, there is little reason to consider an NBA trade at this point although general manager Rob Pelinka is not entirely close the door for improvements.

Kuzma has been mentioned frequently in the last couple of days in the NBA trade rumor mill. The last was a possible deal involving the Sacramento Kings for Bogdan Bogdanovic. But as mentioned in a previous post, the Kings are not too coy about trading the Serbian. The only way for it to materialize is for the Lakers, or any other team, to make an offer that would be hard to refuse.

For the Lakers, it may take more than Kuzma to land Bogdanovic. But then again, the Kings are not the only team Los Angeles is looking at. It would be best to note that the Lakers prefer to get a playmaker on board. So far, the names of Darren Collison and D.J. Augustine of the Orlando Magic have been hinted.

Kuzma could fetch something but it appears that a trade will only gain ground with James' blessing. And according to Sam Amick of The Athletic, it appears the three-time NBA champion remains supportive of Kuzma rather than to vouch for a trade.

There is no denying that James has been mentioned as influential when it comes to making moves in a team. And seeing how both he and Kuzma have a tight relationship, it may make no sense for him to tell the Lakers to trade him for someone else.

Last month, a social media post raised speculation of a possible rift between James and Kuzma. It was a post made by the 24-year-old's trainer, Clint Parks, who lauded Kawhi Leonard of the Los Angeles Clippers for his performance in their win over the Lakers on Christmas Day. The thing there is that it was made at the expense of James with Kuzma posting an ambiguous message after, ESPN reported.

James said that he was used to those rants already and that he and Kuzma straightened things out. All seems cool between the two although this will not stop the NBA trade rumor mill from buzzing.

"I really don't care for someone's trainer or whatever the case may be. Everyone can have their own opinion," said James at the time.