Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis could be a Laker before the week ends if the Pelicans are satisfied with the offer on the table. In this picture, Davis #23 of the New Orleans Pelicans sits on the bench with an injury in his finger during the game against the Detroit Pistons at Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, Jan. 23, 2019. Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The Anthony Davis trade saga is gathering pace as the trade deadline – Feb. 7 – gets closer by the day with interested teams putting all their efforts into getting the deal done rather than allow more teams to enter the fray in the summer.

The Los Angeles Lakers are said to be leading the race and the only one desperate to get it done before the trade deadline as they are possibly fearful of the Boston Celtics beating them to Davis’ signature if it drags on until the summer.

The Lakers are said to be pulling out all the stops to ensure the in-demand power forward lands up at the Staples Center as LeBron James’ teammate for the remainder of the campaign. They are said to have made five different offers to the New Orleans Pelicans and one of them includes four starting members of the current squad along with a future first round draft pick.

The Pelicans hierarchy, however, are said to be not in a rush to get the trade done as their main concern is getting the best possible deal in return. They are letting go of their prized asset and are not keen to come away second best from the negotiating table.

Recent reports suggested that they are yet to respond to the Lakers’ offers and have made a counter offer of their own wherein they are requesting two draft picks while they are willing to include another Pelicans player in the trade package.

However, reports have now emerged that the Lakers and Pelicans have come to an agreement that will see Davis move to Los Angeles before the end of this week as part of a three-team deal. The agreement comes in the form of information that Lonzo Ball, who is a key part of the package, has been told that he will be traded to the Phoenix Suns, as they have a mutual interest to come together.

USA Today’s Lonzo Wire reported that an Arizona publication published an article confirming Ball’s arrival in Phoenix before deleting the report. After which, a source with family ties in the television industry wrote that Ball had already been informed on the move as the team involved in making the documentary on the Ball family have begun shifting to Phoenix.

“He says they've already told Lonzo, and they're already in the process of moving the documentary to Phoenix," the post from the source read, as quoted by the Express. "Believe me or not - it's be all over the news either in a couple of hours or in a day (Whenever they decide to release the info to the public)."

The arrival of Davis, however, will compromise the Lakers’ ability to land a big free agent in the summer as some of their freed up cap space is likely to be used to offset the power forward’s wages. But Luke Walton’s team will certainly become contenders once the adaptation period is complete.