Robin Lopez
Robin Lopez could end up reuniting with brother Brook with the Milwaukee Bucks soon. Pictured: Robin Lopez #42 of the Chicago Bulls looks on against the Washington Wizards in the second half at Capital One Arena on December 28, 2018 in Washington, DC. Getty Images/Rob Carr

The Chicago Bulls continue to find ways to improve their roster, and one potential casualty is Robin Lopez. It is no secret that Lopez is one of several names being shopped by the team, and the 30-year-old center is most likely to don a new uniform after the Feb. 7 NBA trade deadline.

One team seen as a logical fit for Lopez is the Golden State Warriors. The team does have a big hole in the middle, but DeMarcus Cousins is expected to finally play soon for Dub City this coming Friday against the Los Angeles Clippers. But it remains that they need another big body, making Lopez a sensible choice, NBC Sports reported.

It may all depend on what the Chicago Bulls plan to do first. Will they buy out Lopez or trade him to another franchise with a good pitch?

According to Yahoo Sports, it seems that a buyout is out of the question per league sources. This is despite the fact that the camp of Lopez has been discussing a plausible exit strategy with Bulls management. From the looks of it, they are standing pat on not negotiating a buyout.

Should the Bulls prefer a trade deal instead, the Milwaukee Bucks could be in play. Sporting News reported that the Bucks are currently in the market for a low-cost backup for Brook Lopez. This could reunite the Lopez brother in Milwaukee although it depends on what the Bulls would want in return.

As of this writing, there is no word on which player the Bucks would be offering. It will likely be one of the seldom-used player plus a future draft pick since the Bulls are placing emphasis on rebuilding and with a younger core. And if that happens, a twin tower brother tandem should make the Bucks a bit more formidable.

The real score should take shape in the coming weeks. For now, Robin Lopez is trying to focus on playing basketball and leaving the business side of it to his agent.

“I’m not heavily involved in [buyout talks] because I try to stay focused in on the day-to-day,” Lopez said. “My [agent] keeps me informed of the bigger bullet points, abreast of the more important news.”