• LaVine caught mouthing off at Boylen
  • Boylen methods in the air once more
  • Bulls need extra effort to make playoffs

Chicago Bulls head coach Jim Boylen is no stranger when it comes to players complaining about his coaching philosophy. Some claim he is going overboard when it comes to practices, something that could lead to serious injuries to select players.

Back in December 2018, there seemed to be dissension in the ranks when several players aired their displeasure on Boylen. In a previous post, it was mentioned how Boylen was employing extreme tactics by holding two-and-a-half-hour practices. Initially, it seemed his approach was going to backfire. Instead, the Bulls managed to survive this 2019-20 NBA season with defense being the key.

With the Bulls charging, little has been heard on complaints linked to Boylen. However, it appears that the whole thing is restarting once more. In a recent loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Zach LaVine seemed irritated at something that was directed at Boylen's way. LaVine had a game-high 41 points in the loss but was caught mouthing off something the direction of his coach.

Hence, the Boylen issue seems revived and critics are bound to have a field day feasting on the rift - assuming there is any. Expect LaVine and Boylen to coin it as something resulting out of frustration - a common line used by most. That could work for now but another similar instance involving Boylen and another Chicago player will raise questions once more on the mentor's methods.

The issue is likely to simmer down soon with the Bulls not entirely done for this 2019-20 NBA season. They have 23 games left and could still catch the bus to the NBA playoffs. However, getting there will not be easy. Boylen has been trying to make things work with a depleted roster and Kris Dunn's potentially season-ending injury just made it tougher.

One player who has stepped up is rookie Coby White. He has been on fire the last three games, averaging 33.7 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 2.3 assists. Making it sweeter for him is that he is doing it coming off the bench. There is no official word yet on whether Boylen would elevate him to the starting unit. Right now, the 20-year-old will have to make the most of the playing time given to him.

Aside from him and LaVine, other players need to step up as well. Tomas Satoransky and Thaddeus Young need to pick it up a notch if the Bulls intend to finish the season strong - and hopefully make the playoffs.