Ndamukong Suh is being called dirty a day after he was accused of taunting an injured Matt Ryan.

With the Falcon's quarterback lying on the ground with an apparent leg injury, some Falcons players said Suh was taunting him and yelling get the cart, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Suh said he didn't taunt Ryan, and was angry with the allegations.

I'm not even near their quarterback, so how am I going to trash-talk somebody that has a medical staff that's all around him? Suh said to the Free Press today. That's their own problem. If you look at that play, I didn't cause his quarterback to come down. (Lawrence Jackson), who was closest man to him, and Corey (Williams) didn't cause the player to go down. Myself and Cliff (Avril) were standing next to each other.

Suh has faced similar allegations in the past. He's been fined multiple times for violent hits of quarterbacks. After the latest incident, NFL personalities and pundits were offering all types of opinions. Most noted that while Suh does sometimes cross the line, he is a young player still learning the intricacies of the NFL game.