• Bengals impressed with Burrow after interview
  • Burrow committed to playing for Bengals
  • Burrow could convince Bengals to build a winning team

Top NFL prospect Joe Burrow finally met with the Cincinnati Bengals and it appears both sides hit it off well. The Bengals said that the 23-year-old is a smart-guy and is ready for the big league. And while both sides seemed to have had a pleasant exchange, the thought of seeing the LSU star getting traded remains.'s Tyler Dragon reported nothing more than the conversation that went on between the two sides. Cincinnati was impressed but more on how Burrow has a full grasp of the team's offense. The 18-minute interview session hardly brought up surprises, understandably since it was an initial interview and Burrow is unsurprisingly keeping his plans under wraps, reported. But come NFL Draft day, the script could change.

The tricky part here is whether the Bengals will trade their top spot or pick first and deal away Burrow. Per director of player personnel Duke Tobin, the Bengals have no plans of trading the top overall spot. Unless there is a sudden change of plans, Burrow is expected to be picked by Cincinnati and the Heisman Trophy winner says he will play honor that and play there. But was he sincere about that or simply saying it to avoid any further issue?

Finally, there is the issue of Burrow's small hands. Now, there are some questioning the ability of Burrow to handle the ball which could be crucial. But then again, most forget that Burrow had the same pair of hands when he led LSU to an undefeated season. They defeated the Clemson Tigers 42-25 in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game.

No doubt, Burrow can play and his small hands are unlikely to be an issue. But it remains that he wants to be in a team that is committed to winning. A Super Bowl run is hardly something the Bengals could go for - a reason why NFL trade rumors are up in the air. But then again, Burrow could spark something that could change the Bengals outlook. If he plays his heart out and leads to the team, Cincinnati could change its plan of action and think of building a competitive team.

Burrow had success in college but there is no telling if he can do the same in the NFL. If he does shine with the Bengals, it could be another story. So if no trade is happening, this could be a possibility but the Bengals want to see just how good Burrow is first.

Joe Burrow LSU Tigers
Joe Burrow #9 of the LSU Tigers motions "first down" during the second half against the Alabama Crimson Tide at Bryant-Denny Stadium on November 9, 2019 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Todd Kirkland/Getty Images