Colin Kaepernick remains hopeful of making an NFL comeback and the 31-year-old is making sure he stays fit in case he does get a call. He has not played competitive football since 2016 but remains hopeful that some team would give him another try.

Kaepernick opted out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers in 2016, a move that most felt was forthcoming. With Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch taking over as head coach and general manager, the 26th pick of the 2011 NFL Draft would have likely been dealt off or waived since the 49ers were going in a different direction. Until this day, no team has come forward to give the two-time WAC Offensive Player of the Year a try.

The last time Kaepernick was linked to the NFL was the settlement of his collusion case back in February. And while it was not one of the brightest moments, this has not stopped him from keeping himself in shape. In fact, the 31-year-old posted a workout video recently and seemed in pretty good shape, TMZ Sports reported.

And while most would deny it, the whole kneeling protest sparked by Kaepernick is seen as one of the reasons why several NFL teams are apprehensive of taking him in. Such has divided the NFL with several other players following Kaepernick's lead. Among them include Eric Reid who also settled his grievances with the NFL for an undisclosed amount, USA Today reported.

Looking at other NFL teams right now, landing a position could be a tough one for Kaepernick. The Houston Texans could be a potential landing spot following the injury to backup quarterback AJ McCarron (thumb injury). The Texans could give Kaepernick a try since they want a quarterback for training camp as soon as possible.

Whether it be the Texans or any other team, it is Kaepernick's conditioning that most will be keeping a close eye on. Despite the fact that he is keeping himself in shape with religious workouts, it remains that taking the field will be an entirely different story.

Kaepernick had his finest year back in 2013 when he helped the 49ers reach the NFC Championship. After that, it has been a rollercoaster ride for the 6-foot-4 quarterback - yet another point to be considered by teams in need of another quarterback.