Usain Bolt made a name for himself in the world of track and field. He is an eight-time Olympic gold medallist and is an 11-time World champion. Having accomplished so much on the track, Bolt mentioned last year that it was his dream to play pro football.

The 33-year-old trained with the Central Coast Mariners and played as a left-winger. Initially, it seemed he was fit to play the game but eventually quit after a month. Apparently, he felt that soccer was not made for him and said his sports life was over. But it appears he has yet another change of heart. Now, he is considering playing in the NFL but on certain conditions.

In a report from TMZ Sports, Bolt said he was open to the idea of playing NFL ball but only for two teams. The two teams he was interested in are the New England Patriots or the Green Bay Packers.

“If the Patriots or Aaron Rodgers call me. If they call me, I'm ready!" said Bolt.

According to Yahoo Sports, the decision to play with either the Pats or the Packers is because of their quarterbacks - Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Undoubtedly, his speed could be an asset and become a problem to the defense of opposing teams. However, there are further questions that need to be answered.

If plans push through, he is being likened to Brandon Marshall. He has the size and the speed but catching the ball is also important. With some training, Bolt could actually be an asset to any team willing to try him out. Further, he is a walking marketing machine that can also draw in fans.

Assuming that NFL teams take the chance, another question that needs to be answered is how long he will last. That one-month trial stint in the Australian league did not end well and the same could happen in the NFL. It is a big gamble, whether it be the Patriots or the Packers. Seeing how most teams are no in need of key personnel, Bolt could be worth a try.

If he does get in, hopefully, Bolt will enjoy playing NFL ball and not quit abruptly. Should he walk away from this one, it will be interesting what his reason will be.