Nokia, the world's largest cell phone distributor, announced it is working with international community of music connoisseurs on Tuesday, aiming to unite experts of different musical genres to keep enthusiasts in touch with the latest music.

Over 40 independent music labels - including Fat Beats, Hard Was, and Pure Groove, are joining Nokia to create the community, dubbed The Music Recommenders. Every month, experts from each of the labels will bring together music from their specialist genre and the compiled list will be emailed to subscribers.

The emails will also include 30 second samples of tracks that match their specific tastes and recommendations.

We've searched around the world to find the most passionate and credible music specialists. The stores featured on Music Recommenders have the experts who are supporting and breaking new artists, commented Tommi Mustonen, Director, Multimedia, Nokia.

Music Recommenders will be available in a beta version starting in November 2006.

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