• Ok Rae Yoon has finally responded to Christian Lee's constant complaints after their fight
  • Lee recently promised that he will finish Ok to prove he deserved the win in their first meeting
  • Ok reveals how he plans to have a convincing victory against Lee on August 26

Ok Rae Yoon, the reigning ONE lightweight champion, has stayed out of the spotlight for much of the time after his win against Christian Lee back in September 2021 as he enjoyed the fruits of his labor.

But with their rematch set to take place in a few weeks, the South Korean made clear how he truly feels about Lee’s nonstop statements after his loss to Ok.

Ok took the time to defend his victory over the former champion, saying that the pivotal third round saw Lee “struggling to survive” from the third round onwards.

“I felt that it was an understandable situation for him to make an appeal to the judges. But even so, to behave that way after a match has been finalized honestly didn’t look too good,” Ok said in a recent interview.

Lee was extremely convinced that he had the victory in the bag against Ok and felt as if the judges were conspiring against him to lose his title.

Most mixed martial arts (MMA) fans at the time did not agree with Lee’s comments since Ok did have the advantage in the later rounds after a flurry of moves from “The Warrior” gassed him out.

It can be argued that Lee was in search of a quick finish of his challenger, which led to multiple submission attempts and high-powered attacks.

Unfortunately for Lee, his seeming inability to let go of the loss and constantly talk about it in public has soured public opinion on him, and Ok had a sly response to his rival continuing to do it.

“A real king of the jungle can sit still and be quiet, and those around him will instinctively know that he is strong. But those that are weaker down the food chain, like a cat, they tend to hiss and growl and make more sound, since they know they are the weaker of the two. That’s kind of what this situation feels like to me,” Ok mentioned.

Recently, Lee promised that he would be gunning for a quick and decisive finish of Ok in order to regain some of the credibility that he felt that he lost.

Like Lee, Ok also seeks his own vindication as he is more than prepared to drag the Singaporean-American back to deep waters and dominate him for all five rounds.

“I am definitely considering a finish with a clear strike, but even if I were to take him out with one punch, there is bound to be talk from people saying that it was a lucky punch and such," he stated.

"If I were to show them a performance where I have the upper hand against Christian Lee and dominate him throughout the five rounds, I think that could possibly be a better option."

The long-awaited rematch is set to happen on August 26 at 6:30 PM (6:30 AM ET) in the main event of ONE 160, with Thanh Le’s featherweight title defense against Chinese knockout artist Tang Kai serving as the co-headliner.