mountain lion
A mountain lion makes its way through fresh snow in the foothills outside of Golden, Colorado April 3, 2014. Reuters/Rick Wilking

A mountain lion, which gained fame and attention after it was found living in a local park in a Los Angeles neighborhood, was found trapped under a home in Los Feliz in the central part of the city on Monday. Authorities have launched a rescue operation to free the animal, named P-22, from under the home’s crawl space.

The mountain lion, which was found living in Griffith Park more than three years ago, was spotted by two workers who were installing a security system in the house. Jason Archinaco, the owner of the house, which is close to Griffith Park, reportedly said that the city’s animal control had failed to remove the 150-pound wild cat because of its size. The animal was reportedly treated for poisoning and mange last year, and had appeared to be recovering after treatment.

“The plan is to get the cat out safely, and without harming it or anyone around,” an official from the Los Angeles City Fire Department reportedly said.

After attempts to scare the mountain lion back into the hills by shooting tennis balls and bean bag rounds at it had failed, officials from the city's animal control department reportedly enlisted the help of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for assistance.

Marty Williams, an official from the Department of Fish and Wildlife, told the Los Angeles Times that several attempts were made to free the mountain lion, and authorities were clearing the street.

P-22 "has become more noticeable, he’s bigger. He’s probably looking for a mate," a Griffith Park ranger told NBC4.