• Manny Pacquiao has been doing the stick-hitting routine once again
  • It has been a decade since Pacquiao last did stick-hitting in training camp
  • Freddie Roach bares the Filipino boxer is super motivated for his upcoming fight

Manny Pacquiao has already brought back the hands of time while still in training camp.

Despite dealing with a lot of issues in and out of the boxing ring, Pacquiao certainly isn’t taking his upcoming fight against Errol Spence Jr. lightly.

In fact, the world’s only eight-division titlist even brought back a unique strengthening regimen from his prime days in his current training routine–the “stick-hitting.”

According to Pacquiao, the said training--which is basically repeatedly hitting his mid-section, forearms, and shoulders with a thick, round wooden stick--is for his “mind conditioning.”

Pacquiao’s stick-hitting method had been a part of his routine, but to put this into context, the last time “Pac-Man” was seen having it performed on him was 10 years ago, Filipino news outlet Rappler reported.

In one of his recent posts on Instagram, Pacquiao could be seen repeatedly getting hit by his strength and conditioning coach Justin Fortune.

The hits, though more of hard tap, landed squarely and rhythmically at both sides of the Filipino boxer’s mid-section, left and right arms.

While some might argue that the stick hitting is totally bearable, the look on Pacquiao’s face as Fortune performs the drill suggested that he could be inflicting pain.

Earlier this month, another video clip also showed that Pacquiao was seemingly perfecting some "explosive" uppercut and body shot combinations with his trusted trainer and friend, Buboy Fernandez.

In the middle of the intense workout session, Fernandez could also be heard giving the 42-year-old some instructions on how to effectively pull off the said power punches.

After all, only Pacquiao could tell why he has been appearing to be extra motivated en route to his return.

His longtime trainer Freddie Roach believes that the upcoming fight against Spence Jr. is more than just beating a pound-for-pound fighter.

"Manny knows it's a tough fight--probably his toughest--but that's why he began his conditioning so early in the Philippines,” Roach told reporters, including ESPN earlier this month. “Usually, jet lag keeps him out of the gym for one day the first week he arrives in Los Angeles. Not this time. He has been here every day, training two and a half to three hours each afternoon.”

"I usually hold off sparring the first week, but Manny insisted,” he added. “Manny has achieved so much in his boxing career and in his life. But everyone in camp can sense this fight has a special meaning. It is not just about beating a top pound-for-pound fighter or winning more titles. This time it's all about boxing immortality for Manny Pacquiao.”

Freddie Roach Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao, shown with Freddie Roach, has won his last three fights by unanimous decision. Reuters