Percy Harvin
Percy Harvin has missed all season with an injury. Reuters

Minnesota Vikings Percy Harvin is unhappy in Minnesota and has requested a trade to another team.

Harvin, who is recovering from a shoulder surgery, hasn't told the public why he is unhappy with the Vikings, but the Associated Press reported that the all-purpose receiver has demanded a trade.

I'll just put it this way -- it's a lot of different things that have to be sorted out, Harvin told reporters on Tuesday. Just haven't been real happy lately. So, we've got a couple things to work on. I'm here in the classroom, so we'll go from here.

We're kind of keeping everything in house. If specific people choose to tell you the stories, then they do. I keep everything in house and we deal with things in house. So, that's the way I keep it.

Harvin has two years left on his contract and is due to make $2.5 million this season. It is possible that issues with the Vikings organization are about restructuring his contract, but Harvin is committed to keeping everything in house.

Tom Pelissero of ESPN1500 said that the Vikings are wary of paying him because they don't think he can be healthy and stay on the field. Harvin has dealt with major migraine issues in the past, but was migraine-free for the entire 2011 season. He posted career numbers last season after accumulating 1,312 yards from scrimmage.

Right now it appears that the Vikings are unlikely to deal their best offensive playmaker, especially with Adrian Peterson still rehabbing from a torn ACL. If the Vikings do put him on the trade block, quite a few teams would be interested in the dynamic offensive threat.