Brothers and former NFL quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning aren't ready to step away from the game just yet as they are set to co-host alternate broadcasts of "Monday Night Football" on ESPN2.

The Manning duo has agreed to broadcast 10 games for each of the next three seasons, the Walt Disney Company, parent company of ABC and ESPN, confirmed Monday.

The partnership includes Peyton’s Omaha Production company, which will help conduct the operation. The Manning broadcast will take place remotely but details of the alternate show have not yet been anoounced.

Peyton Manning has long been sought as a game analyst by multiple networks and the new partnership will allow him to use his advanced knowledge of the game and his sense of humor in the booth. The standard broadcast will air on ESPN with the Manning brothers calling games on ESPN2 and ESPN+.

“Peyton and Eli will bring a different approach, delving into a conversation about broader big picture topics while also honing in on the game, much like fans do when watching with their family and friends,” said ESPN chairman Jimmy Pitarno.

When Peyton Manning retired completing 65.3% of his passes, for 71,940 career passing yards, and 539 career passing touchdowns -- the latter two both NFL records before they were both broken by former New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees.

Peyton Manning has won an NFL record five MVP awards and has thrown for more touchdowns in a season than any other quarterback in history with 55 in 2013. Eli Manning is the New York Giants all-time leader in every passing statistic with a 60.3% completion percentage, 57,023 yards, and 366 touchdowns.

The pair have each won two Super Bowls. Eli is a two-time MVP in Super Bowls XLII and XLVI, and Peyton was the MVP of Super Bowl XLI. In his final game, Peyton Manning became the first quarterback in NFL history to win a Super Bowl with two different teams when he led the Denver Broncos to victory in Super Bowl 50.