It’s no secret that the Philadelphia Phillies are pursuing Bryce Harper and Manny Machado. It’s even been suggested that the team could land both of MLB’s top free agents. But which player would the team choose if they had to pick just one?

The latest rumors indicate Philadelphia favors the prized infielder. According to multiple insiders at the Winter Meetings, the feeling is that the Phillies are more interested in Machado than Harper.

Philadelphia has made it clear that they won’t wait on the top players available to start making additions. The organization followed through with that claim Tuesday when they agreed to give Andrew McCutchen a three-year, $50 million contract.

The signing certainly doesn’t take Philadelphia out of the running for Harper, though it lessens their need for an outfielder. The same could be said about the Phillies’ need for an infielder after they traded for shortstop Jean Segura last month.

Both Machado and Harper are aiming to exceed the $325 million Giancarlo Stanton signed for in 2014. Harper is more likely to set a record in free agency.

The pursuits of other MLB teams could ultimately determine which player the Phillies sign. The Chicago White Sox have also been linked to both Machado and Harper. If Chicago blows Harper away with an offer, it might be Machado that ends up in Philadelphia.

The New York Yankees are interested in signing Machado, and the infielder reportedly has his eyes on playing in the Big Apple. Maybe Machado will go to New York and Philadelphia will make sure to outbid the rest of the contenders for Harper.

The expectation is that Philadelphia will get one of the two superstars. Phillies owner John Middleton told USA Today a few weeks ago that the team is so prepared to spend big money in free agency that they might even be “stupid” about the contracts they hand out.

Machado and Harper are both 26 years old with 10 All-Star appearances between them.