Pins & Aces Beer Sleeve
Pins & Aces Beer Sleeve Pins & Aces Beer Sleeve

While the summer months can be brutally hot, still, pro golfers and amateurs alike flock to golf courses all over the country—hot weather or not. As the pastime for many Americans, fitting in 18 holes is often relished and many times accompanied by a few drinks on the course. Though as most courses discourage golfers from bringing their own drinks onto the course, finding a subtle way to stow away a few cans of beer for the day in one’s golf bag or cart can be challenging. One up-and-coming golf gear and accessories brand has recently been recognized for their ingenious beer accessory that is a must-have for the everyday golfer. Introducing Pins & Aces’ beer sleeve.

Designed to discreetly store seven cans of beer, one stacked on top of another, in a slim insulated sleeve that fits conveniently into one of the slots of a golf bag, the Pins & Aces beer sleeve is just as clever as it is functional. The company’s founder, e-commerce entrepreneur and avid golfer Nick Mertz has developed a number of fun and useful golf course hacks and products, available on the brand’s website. Launched just a few years ago, Mertz set out to design a line of golf wear and gear that felt a little more fun and interesting compared to the boring, standard branding of most golf brands on the market. With golf already getting a bad rap for being the stuffy, country club sport, Mertz’s Pins & Aces was created as a way to demystify and humanize the game of golf, for players both amateur and professional.

“In recent years, the culture surrounding golf has evolved immeasurably,” Mertz says. “These days you see a lot of golfers embracing their own unique style. We wanted to design and produce products that are relatable and relevant to today’s golf culture, made from the highest quality materials.”

With an array of products like golf club headcovers that look like a beer can or perhaps a ball marker that looks like a faux gold Bitcoin, or even polo shirts that feature fun, bright colors and patterns, Pins & Aces is quickly becoming known for the golf brand that simply does it differently. Made for the modern-day golfer, the brand continues to make waves with products and designs that appeal to the up-and-coming generations of golfers. To learn more about the brand, visit the Pins & Aces website or follow them on Instagram.