• Barca could pay Liverpool another $22 million if Coutinho reaches 100 appearances
  • Barca may not afford Coutinho after his loan from Bayern Munich
  • Newcastle looms at a plausible landing spot for Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho is in the headlines again but it appears there is another issue over the horizon. Currently on loan to Bayern Munich, Barcelona could end up with more woes tied up to the 27-year-old Brazilian even if he is not currently playing for Barca.

And the new issue has something to do with a deal with Liverpool. If the Brazilian ends up reaching 100 appearances, Blaugrana will have to pay The Reds another £17.75 million ($22 million). This is part of the deal between the two teams where Barca had paid a hefty $131 million back in January 2017. This is aside from the add-ons worth $16.3 million. There is also a clause that calls for Barcelona to pay an additional $54 million if the team wins the Champions League. These were part of the clauses Barca agreed to when they signed him back in 2018, The Times reported.

Despite his poor showing with Bayern, it is believed that Barca will end up bringing back Coutinho to the fold than testing the transfer market. Most teams are toiling with financial woes and Barcelona is looking for the best financially friendly alternative to remain competitive. But the constraint there is that Barca will end up shelling out big money if Coutinho plays 24 more games, reaching the 100 game mark.

Hence, Barca may end up shopping Coutinho once his load to Bayern is up. The 27-year-old is coming off ankle surgery where he will be forced to rest for 14 days. Despite undergoing the medical procedure, Coutinho is not expected to miss any games. Much of this was covered in a previous post.

If the finances to keep Coutinho become burdensome, searching for a team that has the financial capacity to maintain Brazilian is an option. Newcastle is a possible destination, a team that has money to spare. A group of people from Saudi Arabia are set to take over the team and Coutinho is allegedly one of their targets. But this needs proper endorsement from a high profile manager.

The word out is that Newcastle may be considering Mauricio Pochettino for that post. If that pushes through, it could facilitate a possible coming of Coutinho. Pochettino is an admirer of the Brazilian footballer but the new owners have to be made official first.

Philippe Coutinho
Coutinho welcomed Neymar's potential return to Barcelona. In this picture, Philippe Coutinho of FC Barcelona reacts during the La Liga match between Malaga and Barcelona at Estadio La Rosaleda, Spain, March 10, 2018. Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images