• Bellingham urged to think about next move carefully
  • Bellingham hotly pursued by heavyweights
  • Bellingham needs to join team where he can play extensively

At only 16, most footballers would need a couple of more years before they can crash the Premier League party. But in the case of Jude Bellingham, it appears the teen has done just enough to gain traction. Chelsea FC is reportedly bent on signing him. However, some people are cautioning him to slow down a bit and give that big decision extensive thoughts.

One person who feels that Bellingham may want to give it more thought is Frank Sinclair, a player who began his career with The Blues. It appears he sees the 16-year-old needing to work some more on his game, something he may no longer be able to do once he signs with a Premier League team, reported.

“He has to think about playing games, getting better and improving as a player – which I think will be very difficult for him to do at Chelsea," Sinclair said to GentingBet.

True enough, Bellingham will be moving up towards new territory. While Frank Lampard has been known to be a good motivator and coach, moving up this early holds no promises. But at the way the teen has been playing, it is understandable why several teams would want to get their hands on him this early. But is he ripe for the picking?

“So, if he is going to move on from Birmingham and kick on at a higher level, it is really important that he goes to a club where he can play week in, week out as that’s the only way he’ll improve and fulfill the potential that he’s got," Sinclair added.

Bellingham made his mark when was able to crack the 2019-20 campaign for Birmingham. He played in 32 games before the season was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. That was enough to capture the attention of several teams.

Aside from Chelsea, Manchester United is reportedly also giving chase. Borussia Dortmund is another team looking into Bellingham with most teams investing in youth for better performances moving forward.

Either way, it appears that Bellingham is destined to play in the big leagues. He seems to be ready for it but needs to join the right club. But for teams to pry him away from Birmingham, a hefty investment worth approximately $37 million needs to be settled. All that could go down once (and if) the current season is officially closed.

Jude Bellingham of Birmingham City
Jude Bellingham of Birmingham City Getty Images | James Williamson - AMA