• United is in the lead for Grealish
  • Tottenham or City could also land Grealish
  • Grealish is still smarting from COVID-19 issue

Jack Grealish remains a top star that multiple teams would cover. There are at least three teams interested in signing the 24-year-old midfielder, with Manchester United singled out as the most likely team to win his services from Aston Villa.

This is the sentiment shared by former Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa player Darren Bent. He feels that United is dead-set on acquiring Grealish although Manchester City and Tottenham are there to try and snag him from Aston Villa as well.

“I think they’re the three that are looking at him, and he’s eyeing them thinking ‘I’d like to go to one of them’," Bent said to Football insider. “I’d probably put Man United at the very, very top of that. If that doesn’t happen and Villa go down, you never know, but for me, he’s got his eye on them.”

The interest in Grealish is unsurprising. He has been a pivotal player for Dean Smith, a reason why the Lions rank 19th in the standings. They are ahead of teams like Bournemouth, Watford, and West Ham before play was halted. This season, Grealish has nine goals to his credit in 31 games, reported.

With football season on hold, all Grealish can do right now is join others in heading the call to stay home and avoid going out. The 24-year-old got home some unwanted heat recently when he was spotted outdoors to see a friend. Photos of Grealish at a scene of an accident over in Solihull, Birmingham went viral recently, not long after the footballer himself made a call for most to stay indoors.

Grealish admitted that it was indeed him in the photos and it was because he agreed to see a friend even when most were advised to stay in their homes. He has apologized for his actions but is facing stiff sanctions for defying lockdown rules. As of this writing, the penalties that the Aston Villa star is facing have not yet been revealed.

For now, Grealish joins a long list of players in confinement as efforts to contain the coronavirus continue. The death toll is mounting in key parts of the world and the best anyone can do right now is stay indoors to avoid contracting the virus and helping curb down the alarming number of casualties.

Jack Grealish of Aston Villa
Jack Grealish of Aston Villa during the Carabao Cup Semi Final match between Aston Villa and Leicester City Getty Images | Visionhaus