• Manchester United may give up Harry Kane pursuit
  • United may lack finances to buy Kane from Tottenham
  • United to focus on other cost-friendly players

The coronavirus has changed the fortunes of practically anyone and that includes Manchester United. The Red Devils were linked to Harry Kane of Tottenham although it will take a huge sum to acquire the 26-year-old Spurs captain. Given that the season is currently on pause, resulting in millions of lost revenue for the league and teams, budget constraints may force United to pass up on Kane at least for the coming season.

Kane is under contract with Tottenham until 2024 and the only way United can pluck him away is by paying their asking price. And as most would expect, that will not come cheap. According to the Guardian, the Red Devils will need to shell out a whopping £150 million to acquire him - a hefty amount that Manchester United may not be able to oblige.

Tottenham has shown no indication that it is open to selling Kane to interested teams. The Spurs, though the director of football Damien Comolli suggested that they would be more open to swapping players but that any deal of that sort will still need some cash premium. United could offer someone but the cash angle could be a tricky part. The worst-case scenario is United giving up too much to acquire Kane.

Also, Kane may not be too inclined to make the switch right now. He seems content staying at Tottenham right now although some believe that teams who have rosters that can produce multiple titles may interest the 26-year-old striker. United is not exactly along that line even if they are currently 5th place.

If United does give up on Kane, he would be the second player that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would be passing up. In a previous post, it was reported how United may have just stricken out James Maddison since the 23-year-old midfielder seemed pretty happy with Leicester City. Also, Maddison required a hefty price to acquire with The Foxes asking for £100 million in exchange.

With two top stars out, United's options are getting whittled down. They are also reportedly pursuing Jadon Sancho and Jack Grealish but the two players share something similar to what would woo Kane out of Tottenham - joining a team that can win multiple titles.

Tottenham's Harry Kane doesn't want the season to run past the end of June
Tottenham's Harry Kane doesn't want the season to run past the end of June AFP / Adrian DENNIS