• Moses' future is in limbo
  • Chelsea and Inter are debating on fee for Moses
  • Moses prefers to stay with Conte, Inter Milan

With football action possibly starting as early as June, several teams are now busy crunching numbers ahead of the next transfer window. Names have been mentioned as moving while others are staying. But a curious case would be the booters on loan. One of them is Victor Moses who now holds an uncertain future with Inter Milan.

Moses has not exactly performed well for The Black and Blues. Aside from that, the 29-year-old winger has been dealing with injuries. These have contributed in his erratic stature in Antonio Conte's first team, yet another reason why Inter is unlikely to pay a hefty sum to absorb him. Chelsea is asking roughly $13 million for the Nigerian football player, but The Cherished One was only willing to pay up to $7.3 million, The Sun reported.

One thing going for Moses is that Conte wants him on the team despite the hurdles. A possible resolution to the matter if both sides are unable to agree is to place Moses on loan. Since joining the Blues in 2012, Moses has been playing on loan on different clubs. That includes Liverpool, Stoke City, West Ham and Fenerbahce.

Moses' contract with Chelsea is up to 2021 and a return to Stamford Bridge may not be his best option right now. If they fail to come to terms with Inter, there is a possibility that Chelsea may offer him to other teams instead. As of this writing, no other team aside from Inter has expressed interest in the Nigerian winger.

Given the choice, Moses would prefer to stay with the Italian team if things can get settled. He considers Conte as one of the best coaches he has played for. Aside from that, he also said that he loves playing in Milan, a place where he wants to stay for a long time in a report from the Gianluca Di Marzio’s website. Unfortunately for Moses, all he can do now is pray that both Chelsea and Inter can reach a compromise so he can heave a sigh of relief on his future.

“Milan is a beautiful city. I hope to enjoy myself here for a long time and to have a great future in nerazzurro. I have positive sensations and we’ll do everything to reach our goals and make the fans proud,” Moses said.

Victor Moses
Wigan forward Victor Moses looks set to finally complete his move to Chelsea. Reuters