• Klopp urged to look for Coutinho succesor
  • Liverpool needs to add new blood after this season
  • Liverpool could see its current run wasted if season is called off

Liverpool may be doing great right now but there is the future to think about. Philippe Coutinho is unlikely to re-sign with the Reds and the search for a successor needs to be done soon. That is hardly felt now with the Reds running smoothly on all cylinders. But Jurgen Klopp may want to think ahead, using the current lull caused by the coronavirus to weigh options.

A Coutinho return is seen as remote according to Liverpool legend Phil Thompson. He doesn't see the 27-year-old returning to Anfield anytime soon and Thompson is advising Liverpool to start looking and signing a worthy successor as early as now, reported.

"I don't think the Philippe Coutinho one would ever come off again, to get him back, but it's that sort of player that we actually need to unlock packed defenses," Thompson said to Sky Sports.

Klopp mentioned possibly adding a defender but the Liverpool legend believes another offensive player would be needed.

"I still think we need another striker and maybe a little bit more back-up for Andy Robertson. We're not too bad at center-back, and I would like to think we are well blessed in midfield," he said.

Coutinho has carved a niche for himself over at Anfield between 2013 to 2018. He has evolved into one of the exciting midfielders in Europe, showcasing his superb technical ability, passing and more. Coutinho caught the eye of Barcelona and eventually lured him to Camp Nou with a £142 million ($175m) deal midway through the 2017-18 campaign.

Of course, the Reds do have other talents that they have relied on. The list includes Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino. There are also Georgino Wijnaldum, Jordan Henderson and James Milner filling up the need to balance defense and offense. Hence, their success this season is unprecedented and Liverpool is just two wins away from the crown in 30 years, reported. That moment of glory could suffice for now but Klopp is urged to seriously ponder about the team's future.

But the issue right now is what lies ahead for Liverpool and other teams. The play has been put on hold with the growing pandemic. Like the NBA, there is a chance the entire season could be voided. That means the season would be null and void, putting to waste the efforts of the reds. Another Liverpool legend, Kenny Daglish batted that his former team should be crowned Premier League champions for their efforts. Of course, that was not spared from criticism. For now, the Premier League is on hold and its future remains up in the air.

Philippe Coutinho
Coutinho welcomed Neymar's potential return to Barcelona. In this picture, Philippe Coutinho of FC Barcelona reacts during the La Liga match between Malaga and Barcelona at Estadio La Rosaleda, Spain, March 10, 2018. Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images