Barry Horowitz can claim to have a 20+ pro-wrestling career featuring heavily in the two biggest wrestling promotions in the last three decades – World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW). He has not wrestled in the WWE since 1997 but has not lost touch with his former employers and is now looking for a way back in.

But the former pro-wrestler now has a new option apart from just the WWE, which is the world’s most popular pro-wrestling promotion at the moment. All Elite Wrestling (AEW) was founded earlier this year by Tony Khan, son of Pakistani American billionaire Shahid Khan, and the promotion is seriously making waves and threatening the dominance of WWE at least in North America.

AEW has shown that they have the capability to offer as lucrative if not more compared to the WWE and there are a number of pro-wrestlers and former wrestlers looking its way to make their careers. And WWE chairman Vince McMahon, with whom Horowitz has worked in the past, is genuinely concerned and has taken measures to ensure superstars do not jump ship by extending their contracts and rejecting release requests.

Horowitz is keen to return to the pro-wrestling circuit in a mentor/coach role and admitted recently that he has spoken to WWE while also being interested in AEW. He is keen to see the new promotion to do well in order to give pro-wrestling athletes an alternative to WWE that can offer lucrative deals and the big stage.

“I’ve been in talks with them for the last month in terms of mentoring or coaching. I’m also interested in [AEW] and I hope that takes off too for everybody’s sake,” Horowitz said in a recent interview, as quoted on Wrestling Inc.

However, despite praising AEW, Horowitz indicated that he will be biased toward WWE if they make him an offer owing to his long relationship with the company. But he made it clear that if AEW approach him first, they can avail his services.

“I’m gonna talk to anybody that wants to hire Barry Horowitz as far as coaching goes. Either one – I’ve gotta be biased with the WWE as they’ve taken care of me pretty well and are an established company. But, first come, first serve,” he added.

Horowitz is also clear that he wants to work as a coach or road agent rather than as a producer, saying: “What I would like to do is be a road agent or training in the ring the way I was taught. That’s what I’m about. Not producing – if they want some ideas, then fine, sure.”