Leopards may sometimes fight pythons, but their greatest foe is man. Pixabay, public domain

Watching a mama leopard fighting a python is exactly what you’d think it would be — you are almost guaranteed to let out “oofs” and “ohs” and gasps.

This video (below) on National Geographic shows a leopard cub at Kruger National Park in South Africa spotting the rock python, the largest snake in Africa, before its mother interferes and swipes at the snake. “But it’s no easy kill,” the publication says. The pair go back and forth, lunging at each other as a safari looks on, their narration capturing the tension of the moment.

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“Look how fat that body is,” a woman says. “Look at that snake.”

A rock python can be almost 20 feet long, and National Geographic notes, “It’s also known for its sometimes aggressive behavior.” They kill their prey or enemies by capturing them and squeezing them to death, but they also attack with their long teeth.

In the end, the mother leopard wins the battle and she and her cub eat the snake.

Different species of leopards live in Africa and Asia, according to the African Wildlife Foundation, and the big cat can grow up to 140 pounds and 28 inches tall at their shoulder. Despite this run-in with a snake, leopards face a lot of danger from humans, who hunt them for their fur or as revenge for a leopard killing livestock.

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