• Rajon Rondo is in hot water for his alleged violent behavior towards his former partner and kids
  • The NBA veteran allegedly brandished a gun in front of his family over house chores issue
  • An emergency protective order in Jefferson County has been issued

Rajon Rondo has had his share of controversies on and off the court.

Now, it appears the two-time NBA champion is dealing with a personal issue following reports that he brandished a gun in front of his former partner and kids.

In a report from TMZ, Ashley Bachelor reportedly applied for an emergency protective order in Jefferson County last May 13.

The request was allegedly approved on the same day by Judge Denise Brown per documents obtained by the Courier Journal.

USA Today added that Bachelor was also granted custody of her two children with Rondo.

The emergency protective order means that the four-time NBA All-Star needs to stay at least 500 feet away from them.

In addition, Rondo was ordered to surrender any firearms in his possession to the Jefferson County sheriff.

Bachelor revealed how the 21st pick of the 2006 NBA Draft got enraged and violent while also threatening to kill her.

"I am extremely fearful for my safety and for the safety of my children," Bachelor said in her statement. "Rajon has a history of volatile, erratic, explosive behavior."

As of this writing, Rondo or his attorney could not be immediately reached for comment.

Additionally, there was no record of criminal charges filed in connection with the Rondo incident.

On May 11, Rondo was reportedly playing video games with his son when Bachelor asked the child to finish separating his laundry.

This drew the ire of the NBA veteran who also allegedly ripped the video game console from the wall when their son got up from the game to follow his mother’s wishes.

Bachelor also added that Rondo smashed a teacup in front of their daughter and knocked off several items in the home office and trash cans outside before pulling his car into the lawn.

When Bachelor asked Rondo why he was acting that way, the 6-foot-1 cager responded by telling her: “You’re dead.”

Bachelor did not report the matter for fear that Rondo may get angrier. She instead contacted former police chief Yvette Gentry for assistance.

According to NBA spokesperson Mike Bass, they are aware of the report on Rondo but are still gathering more information.

Rajon Rondo #1 of the Cleveland Cavaliers
Rajon Rondo of the Cleveland Cavaliers could end up in the same situation he was in when he was with the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this season. Getty Images | Jason Miller