Articles by Emily Yu
Myth: All Fried Foods Are Bad for the Heart

Myth: All Fried Foods Are Bad for the Heart

Eating foods fried in olive or sunflower oil will does not increase the risk of heart disease or premature death, according to a study of 40,757 adults over an eleven-year period.

Researchers Flip the Page on E-Books

Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have developed technology that brings the realistic feel of flipping through pages to reading on tablets and smartphones.

FDA Warnings Are Often Ignored or Misinterpreted

Researchers said that the impact of these FDA warnings and alerts have been varied and unpredictable and the most effective notices were those four were public warnings about potential serious...
Biotech Venture Funding Jumped in 2011

Biotech Venture Funding Jumped in 2011

Investment in biotechnology by venture capitalists jumped 22 percent in 2011, with $4.7 billion going into 446 deals, according to the MoneyTree Report released by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the...

Most Men Don't Protect Skin During Winter

Most men do not use sunscreen, which can potentially heighten their risk of developing skin cancer from winter sun exposure, according to survey results released Wednesday.

FDA Set to Review Dissolvable Tobacco Products

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration kicked off a three day advisory committee meeting on Wednesday, hoping to come up with recommendations for the Secretary of Health and Human Services on the...
influenza vaccine

Flu Season May Strike Later This Year

The flu season may be taking off a bit later this year and compared to recent years the low number of cases currently circulating in the U.S. is reassuring, influenza experts said.

FDA Warns Against Illegal Stem Cell Treatments

The Food and Drug Administration voiced concern on Monday that the hope that patients have for cures, not yet available, may leave them vulnerable to unscrupulous providers of stem cell treatments...

Therapy May Reverse Multiple Sclerosis Effects

Researchers have found a new therapeutic method that may restore damaged myelin sheaths lost during Multiple Sclerosis in a proof-of-principle study published in the journal Cell Stem Cell.