Marc Joseph

Entrepreneurship Isn't Dead

Entrepreneurship is a critical measurement of our country’s political vitality, and of our own personal liberties.

Perpetuating Poverty

You would hope that with a new year, the bad things that occurred in our country would be wiped out, but homelessness, poverty, recession (to name a few) remain.

Cut Sports, Cut Quality Of Life

For all of us who grew up with ample access to sports and the arts, it's difficult to see how our school systems have evolved, practically eliminating the character-building program of sports participation.

Wedding Industry Hits Major Recession

According to Fox News, the percent of married households in the United States fell to 48.4 percent in 2010, down from 55.2 percent in 1990 and 78 percent in 1960. This is the lowest in recorded history for our country.