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Aston martin

Aston Martin Aims For $6.7 Billion October IPO

The company, famed for making the sports car driven by fictional secret agent James Bond, said last month it was pursuing an initial public offering (IPO), the first British carmaker to do so for decades.
Gary Cohn

Gary Cohn Defends Wall Street's Role In Crisis

Cohn's comments mostly tracked the sentiment of Wall Street bankers and other wealthy Americans who have felt unfairly maligned for the mortgage market’s collapse and the economic downturn that ensued.

Mattis Warns Of Russian Meddling In Macedonia Vote

Macedonia has set Sept. 30 for a referendum on the government's deal in June with neighboring Greece to change its name to the Republic of North Macedonia which would largely clear the path for it to join NATO and the European Union.



Argentine Peso Strengthens On Optimism Over IMF Talks

The Argentine peso rose 4.43 percent on Thursday, and investors cited optimism that the recession-hit country will strike a new standby financing agreement with the International Monetary Fund aimed at guaranteeing government solvency.