Struan Stevenson

Why The Irish Government Must Not Reopen Its Embasssy In Tehran

There is a growing conviction that the recall of EU ambassadors and the closure of Western embassies in Tehran, followed by the expulsion of all Iranian diplomatic staff and their cohorts from Europe and the U.S., would be a more forceful response to the regime's barbarity.

The Reeling Iranian Regime

The exposure of attempts by the Iranian regime to commit a terrorist outrage in Albania should be a wake-up call for Western appeasers who continue to mollify the mullahs.

Revolution Beckons In Iran

The Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and his army of venally corrupt and sociopathic mullahs are terrified that a nationwide uprising could throw them from power.

Why War Criminals Must Face Trial

War crimes are defined, inter alia, as the deliberate or wilful targeting and killing of civilians and the destruction of property not justified by military necessity.

A Look At The Breaking Points In Iran

Eighty million beleaguered Iranians know that their once-wealthy country has been plundered by the mullahs to finance their proxy wars in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon and Gaza.

Time For Europe To Stand Up To Iran's Atrocities

Ever since the Ayatollahs took power in Tehran, the West has meekly succumbed to their hostage-taking strategy, offering weak-willed terms of appeasement instead of calling them out for their terrorism, tyranny and repression.