Tetsushi Kajimoto

Japanese Finance Minister Frets About 'Hectic' Yen Swings

Japanese Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki on Tuesday reiterated the need for currencies to move stably reflecting fundamentals, describing recent yen swings as "hectic", highlighting the complication for authorities in responding to sharp currency moves.

Japan's Current Account Surplus Shrinks On Record Imports

Japan's current account surplus shrank sharply in April as record imports overwhelmed exports, swinging the trade balance into the red, data showed on Wednesday, stoking some concerns about the country's long-term purchasing power.

Japan Policymakers Warn Against Rapid Yen Weakening

Japan will carefully watch foreign exchange market moves to avoid "bad yen weakening", Minister of Finance Shunichi Suzuki said on Tuesday, as Tokyo tries to navigate the economic impact of the rapidly rising cost of imports from a weakening currency.

Japan Eyes More Stimulus As Record Budget Clears Parliament

Japan stands ready to take further stimulus steps as economic and financial market uncertainty emerges over the Ukraine crisis, policymakers said on Tuesday, as parliament approved a record $900 billion state budget for the next fiscal year.