Global investments in energy, mining, infrastructure and real estate projects are increasing. And according to a study by McKinsey and Company, it’s estimated to grow from $6 trillion in 2013 to a whopping $13 trillion by 2030. 

However, the same research shared that 98% of these projects experience cost overruns, and 77% of them are behind schedule. The reasons behind these extra costs and delays are the lack of planning and organization, misunderstandings within the contract and miscommunication between parties. But all of these can be avoided and managed with a simple project management software that’s specific to the construction industry. 

A construction project management software streamlines all the processes of the construction workflow. It covers all aspects of the project, from communication with clients and suppliers to budgeting the project’s finances. This tool should be the spine of any construction project if you’re aiming for efficiency and accountability. With all the facets involved in the process, a construction project management software could be your go-to and the only software you and your team will need. And is one of the best in the market. 

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What is is a Work Operating System, or more commonly known as a Work OS, that lets you create your own work platform. This then runs and assists all of your tasks, from workflow to project management. helps teams collaborate, automate small and repetitive tasks, feature transparency in the workflow, track progress and much more. 

But can do so much more than just project management -- it also has the capacity to act as a CRM solution. It can help you run ad campaigns, check for bugs, capture leads and pretty much everything else you need to stay aligned from pre-sales to post-sales. has proven effective in various industries, including marketing, design, sales, software development and human resources. Especially in construction.

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monday Construction is an all-in-one centralized platform that lets you manage the entire project and even communicate with all the parties and teams involved efficiently. The service offers the ideal tools to fully manage your project and can also execute and track progress with visual data and templates.

If you're looking for a construction management tool that can help you from start to finish, monday Construction is a top option. 

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Here are 30 more facts to know about the service:

1. Lets you track your project’s progress with visual planning

monday Construction’s visual nature lets you track what’s working and what is not so you can concentrate your resources on aspects that need your focus most. You can manage timelines, budget, labor, and other resources through visual data that’s easy to read and understand.

Ditch the bland excel sheets and go for something more appealing. monday Construction's beautiful templates and colorful boards also make the workflow more organized. 

2. Offers seamless communication between sites

From the field to the office, monday Construction allows seamless communication between teams and team members. With real-time communication and collaboration that everyone can access, you boost productivity and efficiency by avoiding do-overs and reworks. Keep everyone involved in the loop including the clients themselves and even the suppliers.

Now, you can check the progress of your projects while commuting, lying in bed, sitting on the couch, or even under an umbrella by the beach.

3. Centralizes all of your files into one main platform

77% of construction projects end up being behind schedule by as much as 40%. And one of the causes for these delays is the lack of a centralized platform where all the documents and files are accessible to all stakeholders. monday Construction keeps everything in one place, in designated boards so it's easier to find files, assign tasks and track progress.

4. Gives everyone a macro view of the entire project

Know where each team member stands in their deliverables and provide the stakeholders with actionable insights with monday Construction’s high-level view. Since everything's organized and transparent, everyone involved can see where each aspect of the project stands. A high-level view of the entire project also lets the manager oversee it more efficiently.

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5. Lets you connect to all your existing and preferred tools

Save time going back and forth tabs and apps by simply integrating’s plethora of tools and apps that are specific to your industry’s needs. monday Construction features Google Suite, Dropbox and Box to name a few, but you can always add more to your roster as needed. 

6. Allows optimal connectivity as a cloud-based software

With all of your data stored online in monday Construction’s cloud, it’s easier to collaborate with team members and stakeholders as everything can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Plus, with over 40 plus tools available across different industries, you can connect your data to these integrations easily. 

7. Grants easy collaboration for stakeholders

Because monday Construction is a cloud-based software, everything is worked on and saved online. This means real-time communication and collaboration between various teams and their members. This avoids the over interference of certain workers -- one of the main reasons for construction project delays. 

8. Boasts of a simple user interface

monday Construction is ostensibly highly visual but it is also intuitive, that’s why so many companies and organizations love using it. Its interface is easy to navigate and pretty straightforward so even non-techies will appreciate this platform. Plus, its drag and drop feature of elements and columns is a favorite among users. 

9. 56% of organizations use a project management system like monday Construction

That’s according to Capterra. monday Construction easily becomes the top choice for industry leaders and even small businesses because of its easy setup and onboarding. Once you create an account, all you need is prepared for you by the platform. Simply choose and fill it in with info.

10. 200+ ready-made templates get you started off on the right foot offers numerous templates at your fingertips and even industry-specific templates for your projects. monday Construction features templates for all aspects of the construction project including timelines, roadmaps and general contractor solutions.

11. It's used by industry leaders to manage projects and teams

With over 100,000 organizations and companies using to manage their projects and keep track of everything, the service has become the go-to management solution for leading companies and SMEs worldwide. For monday Construction, it offers visibility and transparency to get all project stakeholders on the same page while tracking progress.

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12. Reimagines workflow with its monday Workdocs 

With monday Workdocs, you get the full power of your entire team with sharable documents the team can collaborate on in real-time. You can also turn text into actionable items on your boards and embed elements across the platform. Every component is automatically synced and updated as you work. 

Now, everyone can stay on top of their deliverables with weekly checklists, brainstorming sessions, product summaries and launch plans.

13. Provides real-time updates on the project’s progress

monday Construction lets you and your team members update their status so everyone can track how far along each aspect of the project is. Keep track of threads, and communicate and collaborate within an item with specific members so every task and update is organized within its proper board. 

14. Lets you sync your work with offline mode

Working offline won't compromise the process anymore. If you or a team member is at a site visit with little to no signal or is just unavailable online, you can still update your deliverables and status on offline mode. It will sync all of your revisions and ideas to the platform once you connect online.

15. monday Construction can help you avoid cost overruns

98% of construction megaprojects end up with 30% costs overruns, but this can be avoided with monday Construction.

The platform features a variety of ways to stay within the given budget. Construction-specific templates keep everyone up-to-date with outsourcing and financing, track projects from start to finish and centralize all budget and financial files and documents. Plus, monday Construction features full visibility of every aspect of the project, including a budget allotment for each phase. 

16. It has won numerous awards and accolades ranks a 4.5 out of five stars in Capterra and has made its shortlist for this year's best software for project management, resource management, project portfolio management and business process management. It is also considered the most loved project management software of 2021 in Trust Radius and has won numerous awards from G2.

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17. It's well-trusted by individuals and organizations is trusted by industry leaders and individuals alike. It has had a plethora of success stories with leading companies and small businesses.

  • Falkbuilt went from nothing to $1.3 million in revenue from interior construction projects, saved 40,000 human actions per month, and completed 50 plus large-scale projects in under a year when they moved to monday Construction. 
  • Telefonica has seen a 30% increase in its efficiency at delivering hundreds of campaigns that are seen by millions of customers.
  • Software AG increased cross-team collaboration by 71% using the platform.
  • Deezer increased its customer engagement by a huge leap of 483% in just a few weeks through
  • Entrepreneur raised its digital sales by 23% in one week by customizing and streamlining its workflow apps into a single platform.
  • Genpact’s adoption of increased its marketing department’s cross-team collaboration by 40%. Over an implementation period of 3 months, it eliminated 100% of their spreadsheets for campaign management and saw over 20% decrease in cross-department emailing. is well-loved and trusted by both individuals and industry leaders is well-loved and trusted by both individuals and industry leaders Photo:

18. has saved over 386 million human actions through automation

The platform offers unlimited automation algorithms that only take a few seconds to set up. Say goodbye to mundane actions and get the computers to achieve routine tasks so you can focus on what’s important. Set up automation for status updates, notifications, assigning board owners, creating items in other boards, and more. This way, you can also eliminate human errors.

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19. Provides different visualizations of your data

View and present your data the way you need to through either Kanban, Calendar, Timeline, Gantt, Map, Form, Workload and Main views. You can also color-coordinate tabs and tasks for uniformity and organization.

  •  Calendar view - lets team members see which deliverables are due and have been completed in a span of a week, month or year.
  • Timeline and Gantt views - show team members their progress in the project and check if they’re meeting deadlines promptly.
  • Kanban view - perfect for mapping out the team’s tasks and immediate deliverables.
  • Workload view - allows managers to see which team members are working on specific aspects of the projects without the need to converse.

20. Features a convenient mobile app

Communicate with your team members, collaborate on projects and manage the construction project wherever you are with monday Construction’s mobile app. Bring your productivity and efficiency anywhere with you, from the office to the job site, without having to open your computer. Send files and updates with the swipe of your finger.

Enjoy the centralized management platform on both Android and iOS.

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21. Offers 200+ integrations fit for your specific project

Set up integrations for your monday Construction platform in seconds. Choose from the hundreds of tools and features available and compatible with the project management software. Find industry-specific integrations for any team and any aspect of the project.

Integrate Google Suite, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Dropbox and more, to manage your teams and keep track of their progress. Other team favorites include integrations like Zoom, Excel, LinkedIn, Zapier, Google Calendar, and the newest one, Adobe Creative Cloud. 

22. Lets you search and store your files instantly

Keep everything neat and organized in one place -- where you work. It’s an easier solution than having to search mounds of digital assets when you need to pull up a file. With monday Construction, your project has its own centralized storage of files and documents.

Find old documents in seconds with the advanced search bar, drag and drop files to their corresponding boards, upload new files and provide live feedback all in a single platform. Plus, with all the tools and integrations, you can share your files with stakeholders. Take comfort in a fully searchable history of all traces of your work so everyone onboard is efficient and organized. 

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23. Features a robust apps marketplace

monday Construction doesn’t stop with integrations. You can expand and fully maximize your Work OS with a plethora of compatible apps on’s marketplace.

You can now harness more power for your workflow with automation, widgets and more. The app marketplace also allows you to search and discover new apps that you could try and use to boost the productivity of your workflow.

24. Provides top-notch customer support

With one of the best customer services out there, and all its industry-specific variations offer live support that’s available 24/7. It also includes a wealth of resources to help you get through any problems. Hundreds of articles and tutorials are available under its blog, plus daily webinars to help you fully grasp the ins and outs of

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25. Boasts 288% ROI from companies using it, with data-driven decisions

Save about 15,600 hours using and gain team productivity of $500,000 in value. Through the platform, you can create and even customize data dashboards so that all your information is in one place and yet across all boards. Build visually stimulating presentations so that all the stakeholders can provide a decision based on actual, specific data. Various views and visualizations reduce burnout, increase stimulation and arrive at smart results. 

26. is powered by an enterprise-grade security

In 2020, more than 1,000 data breaches happened in the U.S. This is why the company is committed to keeping its customer data secure, using the most stringent security measures on the market. It is ISO-certified and GDPR-compliant.

27. It offers a free service plan offers a free project management service for up to 2 seats. Its Individual plan is best for individuals looking to keep track of their work. It features unlimited boards, unlimited documents, 200 plus templates, 20 column types and is available on both iOS and Android.’s Pricing Plans

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28. It features three main paid plans

The Basic plan costs $8 per seat/ month and is billed annually. This plan is great for managing a small team's workflow and deliverables in one place. It includes everything in the free Individual plan plus features such as unlimited items, prioritized customer support and 5GB file of storage.

The Standard plan costs $12 per seat/ month. This plan is perfect for teams looking for optimal collaboration and streamline processes. It includes additional features such as new view options, guest access, automation of up to 250 actions per month and dashboard creation of up to 5 boards. 

The Pro plan costs $20 per seat/ month and is perfect for teams looking to centralize complex workflows and projects. It includes features such as private boards and documents, time tracking, automation of up to 250 actions per month and dashboard creation of up to 10 boards.

29. Offers Enterprise plan for bigger companies 

This plan is perfect for companies and organizations that need enterprise-grade features. You’ll need to contact to discuss the best price for your organization.

The Enterprise plan features everything in the Pro plan plus enterprise-scale automation and integrations, enterprise-grade security and governance, advanced reporting and analytics, multi-level permissions, tailored onboarding, premium support, and dashboard creation of up to 50 boards. 

30. Save 18% on annual payment of your plan

Choose to get billed annually and save up to 18% on your plan. If you choose to pay annually, the Basic plan comes up at just $8 per seat/ month, the Standard plan just $10 per seat/ month and the Pro plan comes at just $16 per seat/ month.

If you're looking to streamline your construction project's workflow, manage multiple projects, track everyone's progress and oversee the entire process -- basically, become more efficient as an organization -- monday Construction. is a great solution to all your management needs. It's easy-to-use, highly visual and extremely affordable.

Any organization that's serious about boosting productivity and work efficiency should definitely give monday Construction a go.