• Rodney McGruder will receive $5 million this year
  • Draymond Green, who won the Defensive Player award in 2017, is set to earn more than $24 million
  • Green mocked McGruder's "tough guy" act following the Warriors' win over the Pistons Saturday

Rodney McGruder and Draymond Green are both veteran NBA players, but the difference in their salaries is vast. Here’s how much they are set to make this year.

McGruder will earn $5 million in 2021, according to Spotrac. However, it is not guaranteed and will be given only if he stays on the roster until July 14. This clause in the contract gives players a chance to prove their spot.

The shooting guard made $4.5 million in his first year with the Detroit Pistons and banked $5.1 million in 2020. McGruder's contract has a $10 million guaranteed clause.

On the other hand, Green is making much more compared to McGruder. He has been in the league longer, which means he is entitled to massive contract extensions.

Green signed a four-year, $100 million maximum contract extension with Golden State in 2020, according to Spotrac. The power forward will enter the free agency market in 2024. Depending on his health and production by that time, the Golden State Warriors could offer an extension before the deal expires. The 30-year-old is in his prime and won the Defensive Player of the Year accolade in 2017. 

Draymond Green and Stephen Curry An injured Draymond Green and Curry (right) of the Golden State Warriors celebrate on the bench during the Warriors come-from-behind win over the Orlando Magic at ORACLE Arena in Oakland, California, Nov. 26, 2018. Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Green has won three NBA titles so far. The 30-year-old is praised as one of the game’s modern big men who can run, defend, dribble and shoot outside. The Warriors are finding their new identity with new additions in the lineup. Gone are Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala, while Klay Thompson remains out for the season. 

Green has earned a reputation in the league as an enforcer — one who likes to talk but backs it up with his hustle and numbers. It is not surprising that he did not take lightly a recent incident with McGruder.

After the Warriors' win over the Pistons Saturday, McGruder angrily approached the bench of the opposing team to give them a piece of his mind over something Juan Toscano-Anderson said to his Pistons teammate Wayne Ellington in the first half of the game. He was met with mockery from injured Warrior Thompson. Serving as the game “reporter,” the sharpshooter said that the McGruder "might be out the league soon."

Green also had no issue roasting McGruder during his postgame media session, asking reporters when the Kansas State alum became Detroit’s "tough guy," USA Today reported.

"I don’t know, man, everybody in the league tough these days. It’s crazy. I’ve seen a lot of tough guys this year. I don’t understand it. And don’t nobody do anything. Like if you really wanted to do something, you could have done it," he said.

Trash talk is nothing new in the NBA. Players have been using this trick to get inside the heads of their opponents for decades. For McGruder, suddenly acting tough was surprising. He has not backed it up with his numbers this season either.

However, the 29-year-old may have reasons unknown to everyone that made him lose his cool at the end of the game. Standing up for teammates is a sign of a tight locker room. The next time these two teams meet, fans will have something to look forward to.