• The tennis season is currently on hold as a precautionary measure for the global pandemic
  • Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are on top of the male's division with the most Grand Slams won 
  • Tennis legend Boris Becker shared that Federer and Nadal are the most impacted by the coronavirus suspension 

The tennis season has been on hold for months and the tour’s remaining days in the calendar seem unlikely to push through. With everything that is happening, tennis legend Boris Becker shared that Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are the most affected by this global pandemic.

It is known that Federer and Nadal are among the best to ever step foot on the tennis court. The achievements of the two have surpassed large expectations. These two are the biggest icons in the sport and remains to be the favorite among tennis fans.

Their achievements have been immense as Federer currently leads all male players with the most Grand Slams. The 20 majors Federer have under his belt may seem untouchable but Nadal has slowly made good progress in catching up. The Spaniard has tallied a total of 19 Grand Slams and is in position to tie Federer as the best of all time.

But when it comes to what Becker thinks, he believes that the best players of the tour are heavily impacted by the abrupt cancelation of the games.

“The jury is out on which of the top tennis stars will suffer most from what could become a lost year," Becker said in Laureus, by way of Express.

The nine-time Grand Slam winner Becker shared that it was a big opportunity lost for Nadal to climb up and secure another win in his already historic resume.

“Nadal has won the French 12 times. He had a chance to equal Roger Federer there and that's something everybody probably thought would be possible, but now that's not happening,” Becker said.

To add to these, Becker also understands how this hurts Federer’s chances of moving forward. Given that Federer is nursing a knee injury, he was slated to return this year during the grass-court season.

This means that postponing the year ruins any possible momentum the 38-year-old could have gained. The Swiss legend is turning 39 this August and will not have the chance to claim another Wimbledon title this year.

“We know Roger Federer defies the odds, but he will be reaching 40 next year and he won't get any younger,” Becker added.

Whether or not the tour decides to return this year, it will be difficult for everyone, especially the top players to pick up where they left off.

Old rivals: Nadal embraces Federer during their singles match
Old rivals: Nadal embraces Federer during their singles match AFP / RODGER BOSCH