Fan Attack, Romania
Martinovic of Steaua Bucharest kicks a Petrolul supporter after he attacked two teammates during their ill-tempered league match in Ploiesti. Picture - Reuters.

The fan who caused much damage in the ill-tempered Romanian match between Steaua Bucharest and Petrolul Ploiesti has been charged after fracturing Bucharest defender George Galamaz's cheekbone.

Dragos Petrut Enache has been charged with disturbing public order and committing violence after running onto the field and striking Galamaz with something which is believed to be a metal box while Steaua were awarded a controversial penalty while leading 1-0.

Reports suggest the fan was on a heavy influence of drugs.

He (Galamaz) suffered a cheekbone fracture and he'll be recovering for six weeks, Steaua sporting director Narcis Raducan told the media in Romania.

Enache's outburst caused immense unrest amongst the Steaua players, eventually causing the match to the abandoned. Bucharest defender Novak Martinovic was sent off for kicking Enache while he was on the floor along with goalkeeper Razvan Stanca, who also attempted to retaliate.

The Police were required to come in to break up the clash and remove Enache from the field.

It all led to a nervy atmosphere and although play was restarted it was abandoned before half-time when Steaua goalkeeper Ciprian Tatarusanu suffered severe burns when home fans threw flares on the field, one which landed right on Tatarusanu.

Here's the video of the incident.