Ron Paul 2012 revolution in cash crunch
U.S. Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) REUTERS

Ron Paul's Missouri campaign event Saturday drew a huge crowd and the libertarian Republican presidential candidate stressed the need for freedom and a small government based on the U.S. Constitution.

The Republican presidential candidate attended a campaign event in Lindenwood University's Robert Hyland Arena in St. Charles and addressed a crowd of more 2,700 supporters. The crowd, chanting Ron Paul, Ron Paul, looked mesmerized by the Texas Congressman's strong anti-fed and anti-war messages.

Speaking on the occasion, Paul said that the U.S. government had ignored the Constitution. It's liberty that we need and it can be restored, but only if we send individuals to Washington who know the Constitution and obey the Constitution, Paul said to an enthusiastic crowd, according to the Patch report.

Paul criticized the federal spending and termed the nation's foreign policy as war-friendly. He said more spending would not solve the problems that country was facing.

Ron Paul, who is campaigning ahead of Missouri caucus, is aiming to gather delegates here and believes the response he gets for his messages would help him perform better in the state's caucus. Paul was placed third in the Missouri primary - a non binding contest held last month.

However, Paul's campaign believes that caucus outcome will be different from of the primary and would favor Paul. All I know is there's a fertile field here and when I go and get crowds like this, I know the enthusiasm there, said Paul, according to a report.

Ron Paul has not won any state in the Republican primary yet, but the loyal and hardcore support he gets shows no sign of slowing down. He is the only Republican presidential candidate who manages to draw voters in droves to hear his speeches.

Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, who won the primary contest last month, is also campaigning in the state, expecting to repeat the primary victory in the upcoming caucus process that starts March 17.