Saving money tops the list of 2008 resolutions for young people, taking priority over more common vows like dieting and exercising, research shows.

Some 54 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds say they want to put more money away for a rainy day next year while 44 percent resolve to exercise more and 31 percent to go on a diet, according to a poll by ICICI Bank.

It said this showed that the credit crunch was making people think about their financial future and rein in their spending.

Overall, one third of 2,100 adults surveyed said they would resolve to make savings high on their agenda for 2008.

That was beaten only by the intention to exercise and diet (44 percent and 38 percent respectively).

Some 18 percent said they would make being green a New Year's resolution, 8 percent plan to give up smoking and 2 percent want to give up alcohol.