U.S. Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio (L) and his wife Jeanette with children Dominic (L), Daniella and Amanda (R) attend outdoor victory celebrations at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida November 2, 2010.
Senator Marco Rubio and his family. Amanda is on the far right. REUTERS

After suffering a golf cart accident on Saturday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio's daughter was released from the hospital on Sunday. The 12-year-old-girl is currently recovering from a concussion.

Sen. Rubio's daughter, Amanda, was taken to Miami Children's Hospital following a golf cart accident on Saturday, reports The Associated Press. Amanda is the eldest of Sen. Rubio's children.

The accident occurred on Saturday in a private gated community, according to reports. Sen. Rubio's daughter was a passenger in the golf cart and Amanda suffered a head injury as the golf cart crashed into two mailboxes. One of the mailboxes smashed through the windshield and struck the senator's daughter on the head.

The identity of the driver was removed from the Miami-Dade police report, according to the AP. Amanda was airlifted to Miami Children's Hospital and was treated by staff from the Pediatric Trauma Center. Alex Conant, a spokesperson for Senator Rubio, stated that the senator's daughter will be recovering from a concussion.

In a statement, Conant said, “Her condition has stabilized and should improve in the coming days. Her prognosis is good and she is expected to make a full recovery.” Speaking about the outpouring of support upon hearing the news of Amanda's accident, Conant said, “Senator and Mrs. Rubio are grateful for the many messages of support and prayers for their daughter.”

News of the accident reached the Republican senator as he was campaigning throughout Florida. Sen. Rubio was with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Pensacola and had delivered a speech in Kissimmee, Florida with Romney, reports Reuters. Romney and Rubio were on their way to Land O'Lakes when the senator had to leave the campaign to be with his daughter.

Taking to his Twitter, Senator Rubio sent this update early Tuesday, “Thanks to everyone for their prayers & messages of support. Amanda is doing great. God is good!”