• Simone Biles revealed the finger injury she sustained after being bitten by a German shepherd while at a farm
  • Biles said she immediately visited a doctor and got a tetanus shot
  • Her accident happened a week after she returned home from the Tokyo Olympics

Simone Biles has provided a health update after being bitten by a dog.

The seven-time Olympic medalist, 24, shared a video on her Instagram Stories Friday revealing that she suffered a finger injury when she was bitten by a German shepherd while at a farm.

"I went to the doctor to get a tetanus shot," Biles wrote over a video showing multiple gashes in her finger.

She continued, "German Shepards don't play. I've grown up my whole life with German Shepherds and never got bit. This dog at the farm said NOT TODAY."

Biles gushed over her French bulldogs, Lilo and Rambo, earlier this year, describing them as the "best" dogs and "fur babies." She added that they watch her while she trains.

"I grew up with dogs," the athlete told Today in an episode of "My Pet Tale," noting how Lilo had quickly fit in with the family dogs, which are German shepherds.

"My dogs have made my life better significantly," Biles added. "They have made me happy when I'm at my low, and even whenever I'm at my high they've made it higher. They have just been the greatest asset that I could have got. ... I wouldn't trade them for the world."

Meanwhile, the gymnast's accident happened a week after she returned home from the Tokyo Olympics, where she won bronze in the balance beam final and silver in the team all-around final. During the sports tournament, Biles withdrew from the gymnastics team final while suffering from the "twisties."

"Not at all how I imagined or dreamed my second Olympics would go but blessed to represent the USA," she wrote on Instagram on Aug. 4. "I'll forever cherish this unique Olympic experience. Thanks everyone for the endless love and support. I'm truly grateful."

"Leaving Tokyo with 2 more Olympic medals to add to my collection isn't too shabby!" Biles quipped. "7-time Olympic medalist."

Biles previously opened up to fans about the reason why she decided to step back.

"I didn’t have a bad performance & quit," she wrote during an Instagram Q&A in July, according to Us Weekly. "I’ve had plenty of bad performances throughout my career and finished the competition. I simply got so lost [that] my safety was at risk as well as a team medal. Therefore the girls stepped up and killed the rest of the competition & won silver QUEENS!!!!"

Fellow Olympian Michael Phelps, her former teammate Aly Raisman and more supported Biles' decision to prioritize her mental health. According to Phelps, the "Olympics are overwhelming" and athletes need someone they can trust.

"Allow us to become vulnerable, somebody who's not going to try and fix us," the most decorated Olympian in history told NBC's Mike Tirico. "You know, we carry a lot of things, a lot of weight on our shoulders. And it's challenging, especially when we have the lights on us and all of these expectations that are being thrown on top of us. So it broke my heart."

After earning her seventh Olympic medal, Biles tied Shannon Miller as the most successful American gymnast in the Games. The 24-year-old is also the gymnast with the most World Championship medals (25) and most World Championship gold medals (19).

America's Simone Biles won beam bronze after being sidelined for most of the gymnastics competition
America's Simone Biles won beam bronze after being sidelined for most of the gymnastics competition AFP / Lionel BONAVENTURE