Six people reportedly killed in Cork plane crash.
Six people reportedly killed in Cork plane crash. Reuters

In an exploratory study conducted by Swiss business school IMD on the international potency of domestic Singaporean brands, 18.2 percent of respondents cited Singapore Airlines as the top national brand that they were most enthusiastic about and would recommend to all, globally. The second and third positions of recall were taken by Tiger Beer and Creative, the leading digital entertainment company respectively.

The top-of-mind position that Singapore Airlines occupies and the passion by which Singaporeans talk about the brand are impressive, stated IMD Research Fellow Willem Smit, who led the research. To have such a large proportion of the population act as local ambassadors for a brand is quite unique in the world.

Singapore Airlines has over time been widely recognized as one of Asia's strongest brands. Fortune Magazine ranked it the most admired airline in 2010, ahead of Continental and Delta, and also placed it 27th in the complete list of the World's Most Admired Companies across industries.

Singapore as a country was ranked at the top in IMD's 2010 World Competitiveness Yearbook; the country is presently riding high, supported especially by strong expansion in neighboring Asian regions and has carved a niche presence for itself in many lucrative industries.

As Suzanne Rosselet, Deputy Director of IMD's World Competitiveness Center points out, The country has a booming technology sector, boasts well-educated and skilled workers, has an attractive and business-friendly climate and maintains a very open trading environment. The city-state's enormous international trading network give its domestic brands the opportunity to venture abroad and explore international export opportunities.