Now that people have been working from home a lot more, there has never been a better time for you to get yourself a standing desk. Standing desks are better for your posture, spinal and cardiovascular health, and overall are just a better package that your standard sitting desk.

Although they may be a little more pricey than their stationary counterparts, standing desks offer so much more usability, especially when it comes to your overall longevity while working from home. A great standing desk manufacturer we've recently found online is

Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

Boost in Health & Productivity 

Productivity Increase your productivity with a standing desk Photo: Pexels / Cottonbro There have been numerous studies that proved the benefits of standing desks to your productivity. Sitting all day on even an ergonomic chair and desk setup is still not ideal and certainly can't compare with working while standing. Your body can also maintain a natural blood pressure better when standing.

Productivity also benefits from a massive boost from using a standing desk, especially if you include dedicated accessories like monitor armsunder-desk keyboard trays and rolling casters, all designed to add utility to your standing desk experience. 

Accessories Up your standing desk game with these accessories Photo:

More Usability

Standing desks can also double as workbenches or utility tables. Since you're not limited by a single height setting, you can use your standing desk in the shed or in the kitchen as a portable counter. You just can't find this level of usability with regular desks. even allows you to build your own standing desk using a variety of top materials like natural wood, bamboo and laminate. 

Now, we can't leave you without introducing their other best-selling and top-of-the-line products that may better address your needs. Here's a couple of them.

Nesting Desk

This desk combines nesting and effortless mobility with the benefits of sit-to-stand functionality. The spring manually-operated height-adjustable M-Series mechanism quickly and easily adjusts without the use of electric power. Its unique, individually-sized flower petal shape design allows you to move and fit your mobile workstation into almost any sized space. This product is perfect for families working and studying from home who need a light and mobile work station for laptops, tablets and book reading.

M table M-series combines utility and portability Photo:

Freedom E-Desk

You can work sitting or standing with this ultra-easy solution and enjoy all the benefits adding movement to your workday brings increased productivity and energy.  This fully assembled, ready-to-use solution sits on top of your current desk.  With the push of a button, you can easily switch positions in just a few seconds.

It's designed with an upper display surface and spacious lower keyboard and mouse deck, the Freedom E-Desk provides plenty of area, even when standing, and can accommodate two 24" monitors, a laptop,  a keyboard, and a mouse.

Freedom table The Freedom Table is your rone-stop-shop for standing desks Photo:

With all the benefits it presents, it is safe to say that standing desks just outclass regular desks in every way. Go get yours now!