• Luis Suarez has passed his Italian language exam
  • The 33-year-old Uruguayan striker said joining Juventus is still possible despite the Edin Dzeko move
  • Suarez could return to Barcelona or join Atletico Madrid if Juve closes its doors

The future of Barcelona's Luis Suarez has gotten a bit complicated with Edin Dzeko nearing a deal with Juventus FC. Regardless, the 33-year-old Uruguayan footballer feels that he still has a chance at signing with the club and moving to Juventus Stadium.

Suarez was busy fulfilling the requirements for his Italian passport before the news about Juve’s impending acquisition of Dzeko came out.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the striker has completed the Italian language exam and received a level B1 certificate, or an intermediate level of linguistic competence. The Uruguayan player was able to finish the test within half an hour.

Suarez is already aware of the deal involving Dzeko. but he believes there is still a chance for him to join Bianconeri.

"Yes, it's possible [that a move to Juve will happen]," Suarez said.

The answer to that remains to be seen. A confirmation of Dzeko’s deal is being awaited, and Juventus' next steps will be known by then.

But Suarez still has others options. If a move to Bianconeri is off the table, he could return to Barcelona or sit down with Atletico Madrid.

After Ronald Koeman told him that he is not part of his plans for Barca, it appears that the Barcelona coach has had a change of heart. Koeman said he would be open to welcoming back Suarez if he was interested, Goal reported.

If not at Camp Nou, Atletico is the only other team so far who is open to the idea of taking in Suarez. No formal offer has been made yet, but things may change moving forward. It all depends on whether or not Juve will cut its interest in the 33-year-old player.

If a Juventus stint is off the table, Suarez did come out with some curious posts on social media that may be hinting at him staying on at Camp Nou. Suarez has close ties with Lionel Messi and has undoubtedly achieved a lot with Barcelona. But with the change of managers, Barca is undergoing a revamp under Koeman.

Suarez is just one of several names said to be on the way out of Camp Nou. But with Barca possibly finding it hard to draw in new names, Suarez may not be going anywhere.

Luis Suarez says Barcelona players took time to reach a pay cut agreement because they were looking for the 'best solution'
Luis Suarez says Barcelona players took time to reach a pay cut agreement because they were looking for the 'best solution' AFP / Giuseppe CACACE