The Patriots lost the Super Bowl to Eagles, with quarterback Nick Foles leading the team to their first-ever victory in the championship. But who took the prize in the commercials department? From NBC Sports indicating ski racer Lindsey Vonn’s epic comeback to actors Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman battling out for the Doritos versus Mountain Dew glory, we weren’t bereft of entertainment in the ad department, especially when Alexa lost her voice in the Amazon commercial, which propelled scores of celebrities to fill the void.

Humor was encapsulated in this year’s Super Bowl commercials. With the country now caught in a tumultuous political climate, laughter was unleashed to forget — albeit for the span of the commercial — the woes of politics.

Doritos & Mountain Dew commercials

Dinklage and Freeman were seen busting moves to rappers Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott, which turned out to be one of the best commercials of the night.

According to New York Times, Margaret Johnson, chief creative officer of the Goodby Silverstein & Partners agency, which created the Doritos-Mountain Dew ad, said, “That and humor seem to be the two themes of the night.”

Johnson added it was refreshing to see the commercials devoid of objectifying women, which historically has been a stalwart theme of Super Bowl advertisements.

Jeff Goldblum’s Jeep commercial

Jeff Goldblum Jeff Goldblum speaks at the 2017 Writers Guild Awards in California on Feb. 19, 2017. Photo: Getty Images/Charley Gallay

In a scene taken straight out of the revered movie “Jurassic Park,” actor Goldblum was seen being chased on a jeep by a Tyrannosaurus rex through the forest. And, just when you thought he will be caught, Goldblum manages to evade the predator by applying the brakes and getting behind the dinosaur. In seconds, we find out it was all part of his overactive imagination.

Avengers extended trailer

This was what the fans were ardently waiting for. One of the most anticipated trailers did not disappoint in providing a glimpse of the superheroes who will be teaming up to defeat Thanos in the upcoming movie.

Westworld trailer

Last season, the show left viewers with a huge plot twist no one saw coming. This year’s trailer showed more twists and a fascinating plot that will keep the audiences entertained even after television shows such as “Game of Thrones” end in 2019.

Dirty Dancing with NFL

Just when you thought things couldn't get any better, footballers Odell Beckham III and Eli Manning performed a beautiful version of the famous dance scene from the movie “Dirty Dancing.”

While some commercials had a pretty good run with the viewers, others didn’t make the cut.

An ad that featured Martin Luther King Jr.’s “The Drum Major Instinct” speech, one of the last he had given, and people were not happy about it. People across social media deplored the commercial by car manufacturer Dodge.

While certain commercials were deemed emphatically distasteful, others had an air of ambivalence to them.

Tiffany Haddish Groupon commercial

While actress Tiffany was as charming as ever, the commercial in itself had an air of mediocrity with the website Billboard criticizing the underwhelming use of the actor’s talent in the commercial.

Justin Timberlake’s much awaited Super Bowl performance, which had an ode to Prince, whose photographs were projected on a hologram, received mixed reactions.