A woman claiming to be Syria's ambassador to France resigned from her post on France 24's English-language program The Debate last night.

But today, the real ambassador, Lamia Shakkur, is saying that the interview was a hoax. Almost immediately after the broadcast, Syrian Television reported that the interview was a scam.

I can no longer continue to support the cycle of violence against unarmed civilians, the alleged imposter said in her phoned-in interview to the station, her words, low-pitched and halting.

Today, the real Lamia Shakkur addressed BFM TV, a local Parisian TV station, live from her office at the Syrian embassy.

Shakkur plans to take legal action against France 24, whose representatives said that they booked the interview through the appropriate embassy channels.

Like Shakkur, France 24 also issued a statement, saying that it would sue any parties involved in the manipulation of their coverage.

The verdict is still out on whether the speaker interviewed via telephone on France 24 last night was in fact an imposter, or if Lamia Shakkur is under duress to discredit her own resignation.