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Japan Earthquake Shook Earth's Upper Atmosphere

The magnitute 9 Tohoku Earthquake, which released a giant tsunami on Japan's coastal land, rattled the ionosphere, and almost reached out to space. The ionosphere is one of the highest layers of the atmosphere, and ripples were created in electrically charged particles created nearly 220 miles above Earth.

Japan Earthquake Generated Waves in Higher Atmosphere

Earthquake Strikes Northeast Japan
The Tohoku quake off of coastal Japan that spawned a tsunami and wreaked havoc on land also triggered waves all the way up to the ionosphere, one of the highest layers of the atmosphere, creating ripples in electrically charged particles nearly 220 miles above Earth.
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Japan Tsunami Calved Antarctic Ice Shelf; Manhattan-sized Iceberg Broke off

An Antarctic ice shelf that had remained unshuffled for 46 years was broken by the Japanese tsunami in March, scientists have discovered. The Sulzberger Ice Shelf in the Antarctic registered the impact of the Japanese tsunami in 18 hours, when a huge iceberg began disintegrating and floating off to the Ross Sea.
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Sulzberger Ice Shelf

Japan's Tsunami Caused Huge Iceberg to Break Off of Antarctica

Scientists have long suspected icebergs to have a link with earthquakes. Just 18 hours after the tsunami, a foot-high wave struck the ice shelf in Antarctica and broke off giant pieces. The Sulzberger ice shelf is a sheet of ice 260 feet thick, and extends towards New Zealand.
Hiroaki Nakanishi, president of Japanese electronics company Hitachi, attends a news conference in Tokyo

Analysis: Japan may lose out as Hitachi-Mitsubishi talks stall

The crumbling of mega-merger talks between Japanese industrial behemoths Hitachi (6501.T) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (7011.T) threatens a rare opportunity for Japan to improve its global competitiveness by consolidating century-old companies.
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Nine-year Old Hit-and-run Victim Ryan White Battling For Life

Ryan White, a 9-year-old tourist from Yardley, Philadelphia, who became the victim of a hit-and-run incident in downtown San Francisco after watching a baseball game, was battling for his life on Friday night at San Francisco General Hospital.
A Canadian five-dollar bill is seen in a posed photograph in Montreal.

Will Canada Intervene To Stem CAD Strength?

Following Japanese and Swiss authorities? intervention in the currency markets to weaken the sharp appreciation in their domestic currencies, now the market focus turns to Canada, where the Bank of Canada (BoC) expressed concerns over the persistent strength of Canadian dollar (CAD).
A foreign exchange broker works in front of an electronic monitor displaying major market indices at a dealing room in Tokyo

Japan Primes Markets for FX Intervention

Japan primed financial markets on Tuesday for currency intervention after the yen tested record highs, signaling it may try to tame the unit with a combination of yen-selling and monetary easing.


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