Teddy Roosevelt_Collage
Images of President Theodore Roosevelt are seen in the background as artist Sarah Kaufmann sculpts cheese ahead of President's Day at Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum in Times Square, New York on Feb. 15, 2013. Reuters/Zoran Milich

American fans watching the U.S. team's World Cup match against Portugal Sunday night witnessed the on-field heroics of Jermaine Jones and Clint Dempsey while, in the stands, some even more recognizable faces looked on.

Attending the game in Brazil were Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and, straight out of history, the 26th president of the United States: Theodore Roosevelt. Until now the rugged winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and Medal of Honor was best known for charging up San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War, building the Panama Canal and his progressive agenda of championing the working class and protecting vast swaths of the environment while earning the respect of muckrakers for introducing food safety regulations and breaking up monopolies.

But that was all before Twitter. The sudden appearance of a Roosevelt lookalike 65 minutes into the match inspired so many fans to take screenshots and tweet about his moustache that "Teddy Goalsevelt" began trending on Twitter after Jones tied the game for the Americans.

The face actually belongs to one Mike D'Amico, a U.S. fan who told Yahoo Sports that it's much easier to rile up the crowd dressed as the swashbuckling trust-buster than just another fan with a Team USA jersey.

"It shows that people are excited about the U.S., they're excited about U.S. soccer," D'Amico said. "They're excited to take a picture with a presidential icon, and it just makes me excited to go to the next match and keep this going."