Accessory Details

We live in a world where interdependence and interrelationships are vital to everyone. We might depend on other people for emotional, financial, or physical support once in a while because human beings are social creatures that are supposed to interact with each other to unlock each other’s full potentials or capabilities. In this manner, we all beneficially supplement each other, which helps us survive and live in harmony.

As briefly explained above, an accessory can be anything or anyone that assists another to reach their full potential in performing a task. That is why human beings exist in social groups—because we all need each other. We as humans have applied this principle to most of the things manufactured these days, like mobile phones. Mobile phones, especially smartphones, have several accessories that they need to function, including chargers, sim cards, and earphones; each item supplements the mobile phone in its primary communication function.

In business terms, an accessory can mean anything or anyone that aids a company or individual in business for the company operations to run smoothly. An accessory, in this case, might be the workers, the suppliers, or even investors. The workers, suppliers, and investors all have one thing in common; they all contribute to the business’s smooth operation.

Example of Accessory

Imagine you were a worker in a company, and you play a vital role in the company like a procurement officer. In this case, you are responsible for assessing any products or services and negotiating contracts. Your responsibilities require you to be in the office almost every other day to keep the business operations running. You are a vital accessory for the company because the company’s operations will be significantly affected without you.

Another example is that you have a friend involved in a tax evasion scam in a major company around your area. Your friend might have been only a secretary or even an accountant, but they still played a part in the crime. When it comes to the law, it doesn’t matter whether they were aware of the crime committed or not; they would still be an accessory to the crime because they assisted, in a way, in committing the crime at hand. Therefore in a court of law, they would be charged with being an accessory to the associated crime.

From the two examples above, we can agree that an accessory can either be helping in doing a good or a bad thing. However, you mainly use the term in the context of something good. In the example of the phone and the charger, the phone can’t function without an electric charge, and the charger is also useless without a phone to charge. These two devices supplement each other just like human beings do, even though the phone is the primary device and the charger is an accessory to the charger.

Significance of accessory

An accessory is anything that supplements another in its normal functioning. An accessory can either be an object or a person as long as they assist in doing something. An accessory can also refer to a person who took a supporting role in committing a crime. In this case, the person would be an accessory to the crime. In a business, an accessory can be every worker that forms the company’s hierarchy since they all play a part in its operation. Without them, the operations might be affected.