Advertising Message Details

Useful advertising messages can convince the public that a product, organization, or idea is the best choice. This belief may motivate them to make an extra effort in using the product, organization, or idea to achieve the desired positive results. Consumers are more likely to remember a product, organization, or idea after viewing or hearing an advertisement message.

A message of product effectiveness should lead buyers to see whether the product, organization, or idea is effective. Effective advertising can create self-fulfilling satisfaction for the consumer. Putting the extra effort into seeking out the advertised product, organization, or idea will pay off for the advertiser, and hopefully the consumer as they use the adverted item.

When constructing advertising messages, good messages will be engaging, concise, memorable and should lead consumers to purchase the product, visit the organization or seek more information about the idea. There are hundreds of competing messages, so advertising messages must gain traction quickly to make a difference for the company.

Example of Advertising Message

Consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising messages. The radio, television, podcasts, newspapers, social media, and billboards are just a few ways consumers receive advertising messages. Consumers also receive advertising messages when they shop at big box stores, and there are displays and samples of products the store carries. Often seeing an item in use is a great way for companies to increase their sales and message.

Consumers themselves have begun to advertise messages. The social media "influencer" shares their shopping "finds," Then, others who follow them go out and buy the same or similar items. These influencers receive ample free products if they are willing to share with their online following. Consumers tend to trust a friend or even a celebrity endorsement when deciding to purchase a product.

Here are a few examples of advertising messages:

  • A golf club that is eloquently promoted as giving additional driving distance leads the buyer to imagine the joy they would feel at winning a long-standing match against their opponent. The golfer purchases the club and takes more golf lessons. They believe that a combination of greater expertise and a club will give them a shot at success on the course.
  • A diet pill discourages sweets consumption and promotes weight loss. The customer trusts that "I can be thinner," they are bombarded with images of thinner actors and lots of before and after pictures. As a result, the consumer purchases the diet pill and begins to eat better with the hopes of improving their health.
  • Stacy shares that her family has switched to a new paper towel brand that uses bamboo sheets more environmentally sustainable. She showcases how the new paper towels clean up her toddler's messes, and she shares a code and link for her followers to purchase their own bamboo paper towels at a discounted price of 20% when they mention Stacy's name.