Aid Details

Aid is the help that one gives another who might be desperately in need of it. Most of the time, the one giving the aid doesn't expect anything in return. Aid can be in the form of directions in a new area, financial aid, or first aid when we are injured. The support that we receive from well-wishers is what we refer to as aid.

Aid might not necessarily have to be between two individuals. It might also involve two groups of people or between a group and an individual. Organizations may offer aid to the less fortunate who need support.

In business, aid might be in the form of finances or information that might be necessary to perform some operations. Some companies might be faced with difficult situations that might need a lot of resources to deal with. When a business is in such a situation, it might turn to its allies. The support that they receive from their associates is what we can refer to as aid.

Example of Aid

Some organizations are dedicated to providing aid to countries in need. These organizations include the United Nations, UNICEF, World Health Organization, World Food Program, and The Red Cross. These organizations aid those who might be facing calamities or hardships, especially in third-world countries that don't have enough resources to cope with adversities. Organizations like the International Monetary Fund based in Washington DC, USA, offer financial aid to countries with financial difficulties in the form of loans.

Doctors Without Borders is an organization dedicated to providing medical aid and supplies to any country that needs it. 85% of donations to Doctors Without Borders go towards their aid program. The organization is currently responding to a measles outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, they've been assisting in some of the hardest-hit countries like Brazil.

The 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was one of the biggest forms of domestic aid from the US government to businesses and individuals in recent history. The $2.2 billion stimulus package halted student loan payments, afforded businesses to apply for loans, and helped people stay in their homes.

Significance of Aid

Aid is a very important concept of human life since there comes a time when we all need some form of support. That is why human beings are social creatures, and they depend on each other to survive. This is very evident in each and everyone's lives. We all have families and friends whom we rely on for aid when we are in need. Our friends and family members also depend on us to aid them when they need it.

For businesses that donate to aid-based organizations, the donation is typically tax-deductible. It also places businesses in a philanthropic position if they take on certain aid-based drives throughout the year. These could be food drives, coat drives, homeless shelter volunteerism, etc. Although it is not required, it gives the business a friendlier and more community-based reputation.